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Splishing and Splashing in DuPage County July 7, 2011

So, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little quirky. Just like any other person, I have a few unique traits. One of those traits happens to be that I love water. If there is a puddle nearby and I’m wearing my rain boots, I’m totally hopping in it. This might have happened just a few times this past spring.

There also happens to be a residential living requirement…that I have to be in close proximity (20 miles max) to a body of water. Fortunately, living in Chicago offers great access to the wonderful Lake Michigan, other local rivers as well as lakes.

A few of my latest water-going exploits have included checking out parks in DuPage County. Living in Cook County my entire life, I’ve only explored the parks and recreation facilities east of 294. Apparently there are a whole lot more of them west of 294! Who knew?

One of my new favorite parks in DuPage is Herrick Lake in Wheaton, located right off Butterfield Road. Open daily starting an hour after sunrise, this park packs a ton of opportunities for fun into its’ 891 acres.

You can walk, run or ride your bike or a horse around a 5 mile trail in the summer, and in the winter brings your skis for some cross-country skiing. The park also offers canoe or kayak rentals for a reasonable $10 an hour. If you decide to take out a kayak in the summer, one word of caution: make sure whomever you go with doesn’t splash you with water and claims the defense of, “I was being kind, and you looked hot”.

Bring your fishing pole and some bait if you’re looking to catch a few pan fish. You can even pack a picnic and simply relax in the shade with a good book.  If you’re lucky you might even see some of the local wildlife, possibly including some on four legs.


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