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My Summer To Do’s July 13, 2011

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Sarah mentioned last week for favorites in Denver. She inspired me to do a little reflecting this week about my favorite summer activities. For one, I cannot believe that it’s mid July. Where has this summer gone? Luckily I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of my favorite summer activities…but as you can see there is still so much to do!

Accomplished –

  • Attended a Cubs game
  • Danced at the Campfire benefit ball
  • Made the roster for a co-ed softball league
  • Checked out Chicago neighborhood festivals
  • Watched two Chicago Rush games
  • Became mildly obsessed with Black Dog Gelato
  • Gone to the pool and or beach
  • Enjoyed a play and brunch downtown with my girlies
  • Took a few trips to Michigan

On the horizon –

  • Buying some fresh produce at the local farmer’s market
  • Refinishing a bench
  • Attending a Kane County Cougars game
  • Going to Second City
  • Visiting my parents in Wisconsin
  • Kayaking the Chicago River
  • Camping on Lake Michigan
  • Enjoying life music at Ravinia (Lifehouse and Guster with Jack’s Mannequin)
  • Lounging on the lazy river at Raging Waves water park

One packed summer, huh? Good thing it’s not nearly over yet. Maybe if I’m lucky, I might even be able to do a few “unplanned” things. Guess you have to check back and see what else gets done this summer!


One Response to “My Summer To Do’s”

  1. Tom Ludwig Says:

    Are you going to be joining us at Lifehouse? Are you going to blackdog w/o me?? Can I come to the kane county cougar game and second city with you???

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