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New Project: A Bench July 19, 2011

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When we first moved into our apartment I gained a lot more space in my bedroom. Unlike my room at my parents’ house, I didn’t need to fit a desk and chair in the room along with my bed and two dressers. The extra space is totally welcome, however, I did miss having a place to put my clothes out for the next day.

Since I had extra space to fill, I scoured my favorite furniture outlet, Craigslist for a few potential pieces. After searching for about a month, I found the perfect little bench for the bargain price of $20.

It’s been almost two years since the purchase date of said bench. The only modification to date has been its’ reupholstering. Using an extra pillow sham from my bedspread, I tore up the back seams and was able to use it as a cover over the existing fabric.

Not too bad huh? A few staples to make sure everything looked nice and I was done.

The next summer project

But since I re-did my bedroom end tables in January, it’s left me to ponder more about the bench. Maybe I’m not quite done with it just yet….

Our friend Holly had brought over the paint I used on the end tables as part of our swap, (read about that here) and I still have some leftover. So, theoretically I could end up with a nice three-piece set. I’m debating about doing a darker color with light accents. Kind of a reverse of the end tables, what do you think? I’m totally open to suggestions!


2 Responses to “New Project: A Bench”

  1. Tom Ludwig Says:

    C’mon Karla…. i want to look at the bench but my eye goes to the clutter in the pantry.

  2. Uncharted Says:

    Hahaha, sorry Tom. The pantry is my August project…

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