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Pinterest Paralysis August 2, 2011

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Okay who has heard of Pinterest?  If you haven’t, you’re missing out!

What is it you ask?

For me it’s a place to store my inspiration in compartments of my choosing.   While at the same time sharing and adoring the most creative, uplifting, interesting pictures that I could ever imagine!  Can you tell I love this website?  Here is Pinterest’s description of what their website is.

How do you get there?

{Click the Logo}

For as long as I can remember I have created file folders on my computer filled with pictures I’ve collected from the internet.  Pictures of projects and inspirations that I have saved into Word documents and filed into specific categories so that I wouldn’t lose sight of them.  Now that I have Pinterest there is no need for those anymore.


Besides eliminating the need for file folders and Word docs all over my computer, Pinterest offers me so much more. Inspiration.  I just searched ‘organization’ and 8,451 pins popped up.  I added the word craft in front {craft organization} and 30,344 pins popped up!

The only downside I see is how much time I spend perusing photos and trying to pin the perfect ones.  Here is where my paralysis comes in.  I’m very good at thinking about what I don’t want:

  • Same photos as my followers/friends
  • Photos that have been repinned {copying a photo from another board to your own} a ton
  • Projects I can never hope to create
  • Photos that aren’t really ‘me’

Because of the things I don’t want I find it difficult to find photos to add to my boards.  I feel like my boards and pins reflect on who I am.   And the perfection part of me is causing me to pin hardly anything at all!  Not sure there is really an answer to this predicament.  Just wanted to share a fun new tool with you and vent about my struggles.


One Response to “Pinterest Paralysis”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    One thing I totally hate is when my followers pin something of mine but don’t repin it from me (does that make sense?). Either they don’t realize I have previously pinned it or don’t want to repin. Weird, totally crazy gripe that something only Pinterest users can understand.

    Also, is it weird that I am afraid to pin certain things because I don’t want my followers to steal or see it? Especially if I see somehting on there I want to buy or make for one of my friends (who may also be a follower) I avoid pinning it which is the exact opposite point of the website!

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