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Curious about Soda August 9, 2011

You have got to watch this video.  I promise it will make you feel happy:

Dave showed me this a couple of weeks ago and I was immediately mesmerized by it.  The gentleman in the video is John Nese and he owns Galcos Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles California.  I want this guy to be my third grandpa!  I love how genuine he is, not to mention his passion is contagious.

Dave found a website called Kegworks.com that was reasonably priced and we sat down together to pick out some things to try.  First and foremost we had to try the Curiosity Cola by Fentimans.  We ordered 3 of those and then a couple singles to be adventurous.  I picked Victorian Lemonade and was excited when Dave suggested Dandelion Burdock {sounds crazy right?}, and he also chose Ginger Beer.  We’ve been on a G&T {that’s gin and tonic for those of you who don’t know cool lingo} kick lately and so we had to try some new tonics too.  We chose Fentimans’ version and another one by Fever-Tree.

When the box arrived, Dave brought it over so we could have a tasting.  We started with the Curiosity Cola and let me tell you…it totally lives up to the title the New York Times bestowed upon it when they named it ‘Best Cola’.  It’s actually brewed {like a beer} so there is natural fermentation/carbonation {if I understand correctly}.  All science aside the taste was pure happiness. Next we tried the Victorian Lemonade. I could have done without this one.  I expected something sweet and instead it was a bit harsh.  But hey it was fun to try something new.

At this point we decided we didn’t want to try too many flavors at once, but determined a G&T would be a nice end to our tasting.  We made two drinks, one with the Fentimans tonic and one with the Fever-Tree.  Some would argue that it’s the gin {we used Tanqueray} that really affects the overall taste, but we agreed that a good tonic is the key to the best G&T there is.  It makes for a cleaner taste.  Sorry Schweppes, but the natural tonics are much better tasting!  We liked the Fever-Tree the best.  Fentimans tonic was great, but the Fever-Tree has a good taste and is a bigger size.  We’ve tried Q tonic before {found at select Whole Food stores} and really liked that one too.  I would say it stands out the most.  It tastes the most ‘natural’ and even has a sort of earthy taste.

A couple of days later we tried the Dandelion Burdock and Ginger Beer and I was surprised by the Dandelion.  It had a sweet licoricey taste and a weird aftertaste at the end.  We both agreed we liked it, but in small doses.  Last but not least we tried the Ginger Beer.  Dave liked this much more than me.  I’m more of a wimp and this one has a sting in the throat.  He mentioned it would be very good for when you’re feeling under the weather.  I agree that if you can’t taste anything, you will definitely be able to taste this!

I’m so glad Dave found this happy little video because it introduced us to this fun world we had no idea existed.  I can’t wait to try new flavors I’ve never heard of and start supporting some small businesses!  Now I need to start saving my pennies for a trip to LA so I can visit Mr. John Nese!

*Please Note- I was not compensated in any way for this post.  It is purely my experience and opinion!


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