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Sleepy Summer Vacation Spots August 10, 2011

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Last week I took my “normal” week of vacation to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Back in the day, I used to spend the entire summer enjoying the fresh air, swimming, going to the range, and of course shopping. Now as an adult, I’m lucky to have one week to escape to my beloved lake house.

One of my favorite things that my family and I did this year was a day trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin. Located in the northern tip of Wisconsin on Lake Superior, Bayfield is known as the gateway to the Apostle Islands.

We stopped in at a very helpful tourist information building and picked up brochures galore about the ferry ride, local shops, restaurants and boat rentals. Since my mom and I were in the lead, we checked out the cute boutiques first and left my dad to explore the used bookstores. We met up at the Rittenhouse Inn and enjoyed a delightful lunch.

Bayfield looking out from our ferry

After lunch, we made a beeline to hop on the ferry to Madeline Island, the largest of the Apostle Islands and the only one with commercial development. We landed at La Pointe, on the island and walked to the history museum. My dad and I are both into history, so it was no surprise we spent about two and half hours exploring the different buildings. My favorite part of the museum was the interactive shipwreck finder that listed all of the recorded wrecks in Lake Superior. My dad, however, may argue that the involvement of local townspeople in the Civil War exhibit was the best part instead.

Mom and Dad outside the History Museum on Madeline Island

Next, we walked around the island in search of ice cream and meandered through a few of the local galleries and shops. Once we had our ice cream we sat on the dock and enjoyed the view of boats sailing off into the sunset. And before we knew it, it was time to board our ferry back to the mainland.

Bayfield and Madeline Island are definitely fun places to visit. Next time I go, I’m totally renting a kayak and exploring some of the caves on Lake Superior and hitting up a few wineries. Alas, I think that might have to wait until next summer but now I have something to look forward to!


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