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Welcome Stella! August 23, 2011

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I finally did it!  I went out and got Harlo a friend {remember this post of indecision?}…well sort of.  They’re not exactly friends yet.  We’re working on it.

Karla, my sister, and I went to Cat Nap from the Heart in LaGrange Park this weekend to pick out a new kitty.  It’s the shelter where I got Harlo and I really like their setup and policies.  It is a no-kill shelter or in their words— ‘No animal has a time limit’.  I really like that policy and wanted to support a place that truly loves each animal.  For only $125 you can adopt a kitten that has all of its shots {except rabies}, has been tested negative for FeLV and FIV Viruses {cat versions of AIDS and leukemia}, is microchipped { if they are ever lost and found the owner can be notified}, and are Spayed or Neutered {lady and man parts removed}.  Older cats are less expensive and they also have other small mammals (like bunnies) available too.

When we got there I had a small cage with me and had filled it with a scarf of mine as well as the shirt I wore the day before which I had rubbed all over Harlo.  That sounds so strange, but I wanted the kitten to recognize us right away and cats do that by scent.  The adoption helper told me that because Harlo is a male and the resident cat I should probably get a female cat who would not try to dominate Harlo.  I’ve never had a female cat before, but really since they are usually fixed when you get them from a shelter there aren’t many differences as far as I can tell.

The helper showed us a few females and the one I ended up picking caught my eye right away.  She has longer hair {they said medium, but it seems long to me} and is white with crazy coloring.  Here see for yourself:

I’ve already gotten a couple comments on her coloring.  Like: ‘it looks like she is wearing leopard print underwear’ {thanks Kim!}, but the best description is from Dave: ‘Business in the front – Party in the back’.  So far she is super sweet and friendly and can’t wait to meet Harlo, but we are taking it slow considering that when we let them see each other briefly  Harlo started growling and hissing like she was a huge dog or something. Any tips from others who have integrated kittens with resident cats?  I found some info online at WV Cats that seemed smart and I am currently trying to follow.  Right now we’re between steps 4 & 5…about half way there!


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