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Project Lineup August 30, 2011

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Kate was right!  I totally agree with her post above.  As a finance graduate and a HR professional I would recommend contributing to both a 401(k) and a Roth.  Doesn’t mean I’ve actually kicked my butt in gear to contribute to MY Roth {sorry Dad!}, but for the record I agree and those are the responsible things to do.

Speaking of my irresponsibility…this Saturday I found myself wandering the isles of Hobby Lobby {favorite craft store by far} for about 2 hours.  You might ask me what could I possibly do in a store for that long, but believe me it’s not difficult for me to do.  You see I’m definitely not an in-and-out of the store kind of person.  But then you add in all the possibilities in that store and I get a bit carried away.  I went in there for just 4 items:  A 16 inch pillow form, ½ yards of fabric, a marking pencil, and a 12in zipper.  I came out with those items plus items for 3 more projects! Yikes!

I love a creative project.  It will keep me in a good mood and challenge my creative side {that finance side of me needs a balance}.  It’s just that I usually don’t finish projects right away.  In fact I made a list last night and I am currently in the midst of 6 different projects right now.  Here is a glimpse of a few of them:

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Even though I have all of these projects at different stages, you’ll be happy to learn that I completed the project that required the 4 items {a 16 inch pillow form, ½ yards of fabric, a marking pencil, and a 12in zipper}!  I attended a sewing class this Sunday at The Needle Shop in Bucktown with my sister.  It was a four hour class that teaches you how to use a sewing machine {theirs or your own} and you complete a pillowcase during the class. It usually costs $70, but was on sale for $56 for the month of August {lucky us!}.  I really enjoyed the set up because there were only 4 students in this class so there was plenty of time for questions and Cherri, our instructor, was awesome and very patient!  I would recommend the class to anyone who is unsure if they want to learn to sew.  I definitely enjoyed the class and will be thinking about the next one I want to take.  Here is my final product:

To top it all off, this class helped me knock #10 off my aspiration list for the year!


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