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Amazed at Amazement September 6, 2011

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I am always amazed by my amazement when the season’s change.  In Chicago it happens four times every year {although once and awhile it seems like someone somewhere forgot to flip a switch}.  You’d think I’d get the hang of it after over 101 changes {gosh that seems like a lot}, but I never do.  This change is special though…that’s because this particular time of year is my favorite change.

I love that it feels like a new beginning even though everything is starting to die.  That sounds super morbid, but honestly I think years of starting school in September has messed with my head.  The first smell of Fall is enough to make me wanna run out and buy 10 new outfits.  While everyone else is lamenting the last hot day I am getting more and more excited every morning that I wake up and feel chilly when I walk out the door.  All the good things about the fall and even the beginning of winter start flooding my mind: the beautiful leaves on the trees, the crisp smell in the air, the new lines of clothing in the store, and all the yummy comfort food!

I have already started a list of things I want to do this fall:

  • Apple Picking
  • Make an apple pie
  • Find a new fall coat {coats are my secret <3}
  • Pumpkin Decorating
  • Fall Planting
  • Stew and stock making

After last week’s post I know I sound a bit list crazed, but I have actually started and knocked a few items off the Project list and one off the Fall list already!  Yay me!  Honestly sometimes I’d rather just sit around and watch TV, but I feel like such a bum {I blame the guilt on my dad} when I think about accomplishing nothing that I make myself try to finish something.  Anyone else love fall as much as me?  Anyone else got a list they want to complete?  I’d love to hear about it!

PS- Guess who just bought a ticket to visit Denver?  I can’t wait to go see Sarah, Jonathan, and their new abode!


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