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A Few New Things September 14, 2011

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In the last week I went a bit overboard and bought quite a few new things.  In my defense, my sister gave me one thing as a gift so that makes me feel better.  I thought I’d share a few items with you because new things are fun.  It all started late last week when I decided I needed to shop for a new dress for a wedding I’m attending this weekend.  It’s so silly.  I have plenty things I could wear that these people have never seen me wear before, but as soon as there is an occasion I want new things.  I didn’t find a dress I liked, but I did find this lovely skirt at Anthropologie for half off:

Half off at Anthro is still kinda pricey, but I just loved this pattern and couldn’t leave the store without it.  I’m surprised I like this pattern so much.  I’m usually more traditional, but sometimes something more modern really catches my eye.  Saturday I got my haircut {finally} and on my way home I spotted the Antique Mall in downtown LaGrange.  I’ve never been in and I had half an hour to kill before meeting some friends for the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park so I parked and ran in.  Well let me tell you 30 minutes was not nearly enough time!  I could have spent a whole day in that place.  There was dishware, art, furniture, books, jewelry, clothes, and even some craft items.  It was so quiet and peaceful in there and I felt like I found a secret store where I could search for treasure.  To top it off, everything seemed pretty reasonably priced.  I had to set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn’t get distracted and be late to meet my friends.  Even so, I still had plenty of time to find too many things I wanted.  I had to leave a couple items behind, but this is what made the cut:

Can you believe those buttons only cost me $1.50!?  All bright colors too!  I also picked up the hankie {which I decided I needed for goodness knows what} and a set of tart tins that I will add to my collection for projects.

I hurried home and got changed into some nicer clothes so I could look somewhat cute for the Renegade Craft Fair.  If that sounds strange then you’ve never been there.  This is the trendiest craft fair I’ve ever witnessed and you can tell that people spend days picking out their outfit.  In fact half the fun of the fair is the people watching.  I mean for goodness sakes we saw a girl who was dressed like a baby doll.  My friend mentioned that this is something a lot of girls in Tokyo do.  Who knew?  I’ve attending this craft fair for 3 years in a row now and it really is very fun to see what all the vendors have.  Many of the vendors are Etsy sellers and its great to see their stuff in person.  I fell in love with this print from Kate Thomas at Little Things Studio:

Isn’t it just beautiful?  My mom used to read my sister and I Anne of Green Gables and this quote is from the main character.  I already am contemplating buying this other print off her Etsy shop that also has an Anne Shirley quote.  After the poster I told myself I’d be good, but then I saw the Isette shop and purchased this pair of black stud earrings:

I’m always wishing I had a pair of simple black studs and now I do!  Last but not least I’ll show you the awesome present my sister got me {she’s the best }.  A couple years ago we were in an antique shop in Michigan and she found two vintage pill tins that were compact and the perfect container for a purse.  Only problem was that one of the bottles had swastikas all over the thing!  Yikes!  We opted not to buy that one, but every time she has a headache and pulls out that little tin I am jealous.  Until now!  She found another one and surprised me with it the other day:

What a sweetie, and now I don’t have to be jealous of her…well at least not of her pill tin.  I’m still totally jealous of her perfect penmanship, knack for telling people how it is, and her money saving ways to name a few.  Guess I can’t have it all!


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