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Under the Weather September 14, 2011

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Getting sick is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially for a person who likes to be on the go and give 100 percent all the time. Slowly the body starts dropping little cues – being unable to focus on one task, not being able to breathe through your noise normally, or pressure building right behind your eyebrows. But that could just be me.

So I’ve decided I’ll give in to my body a little bit. I’m slowing it down and taking it easy this week. Sunday night I started by going to bed at 10:30 p.m. Monday morning I made a nice hot breakfast of oatmeal to start the day. I thought it went so well that I did the same routine the following day.

I’ve been continually stocking up on my vitamin C, drinking lots of tea and making my best effort to focus on one thing at a time. Plus, taking decongestants every four-six hours regularly. Tuesday I felt way better, so I must be doing something right!

I’m totally not a fan of being sick and I hope this is a little bug that passes by quickly. Mostly because I always find stuff to do and when I’m not feeling well I can’t do those things. Which I find is very annoying.  Well, maybe if I take a sick day I can get a few more things done. But then I feel guilty about missing work and missing out on all that I could accomplish there. Being sick is hard work. I guess should follow what my editor suggests – taking a off a day of work and stop “infecting” everyone else.

What’s your advice for cold remedies? And do you find yourself going to work under the weather?


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