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Seven Things that Make Fall Sizzle. September 23, 2011

{Football}  It’s an excuse for having Sunday Funday every Sunday!  I still don’t know that much about it, but I’m learning a tidbit or two each week.  And even in Denver, I love being a Bears fan.  Our team might not always win, but we fans are loyal and very dedicated to our team in good times and in bad.

{Hoodies & Sweatpants}  We went camping a couple of weeks ago, and in the mountains fall is on fast forward.  It’s gorgeous: the Aspen trees with their white trunks and contrasting leaves fading to shades of deep red and pumpkin.  And even though it was freezing in the morning {believe me, there really was a frost and you could see your breath in September}, it was the perfect opportunity to bring out my favorite warm hoodie and cozy sweatpants, which I’ve missed dearly all summer.

{Baking}  Personally, I think there’s never a wrong moment to fire up the oven and create a tasty baked good.  But when it’s 99 degrees and you live in the Mile High City with no central air conditioning, even I have a hard time getting into the true mood of baking.  On a crisp Saturday morning in Fall though, nothing seems better than warming up the apartment with birthday cupcakes for a friend.

{Candles}  They’re romantic and instantly cozy up a space on a chilly evening, especially when they’re pumpkin scented.

{Boots}  I wore my boots for the first time today since last ‘boot season.’  I figure when it’s in the 40s when you wake up, you’re allowed to don your tootsies in fuzziness.

{TV is back}  I’m not a huge TV watcher anyway, but having Modern Family return to perk up the middle of my work week does make me smile. 

{Switching from iced to hot coffee}  Iced was nice during the heat of summer.  You can’t deny it though, nothing beats a pumpkin latte.  And on those 40 degree mornings not only does my coffee warm up my tummy, but it makes my hands happier on the steering wheel when I’m at a stoplight and get to hold my travel mug.


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