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Boots with the Fur September 27, 2011

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I just finished Glee {an improvement from last week, but still not up to its usual caliber} and The New Girl ahourago and was supposed to start writing my post, but instead I got a little caught up on Pinterest.  I know you’ve already heard me talk about my addiction, but that doesn’t make me stop! While I was there I found these:

Joan of Arctic Boot

I’ve already talked myself out of buying them.  I mean I live in Chicago.  A cold place but not Antarctica or anything.  Last February we did have that one snow storm {that shut down almost everything}, but that is a once-a-decade sort of thing.  Right?  I feel like Chicago would need more snow for me to invest in these.  See I’ve talked myself out of these, it’s okay my bank account is safe!


And I’m sick of the Ugg look.  They’re obviously very popular.  You can tell by all the knockoffs in the marketplace {we all know imitation is the sincerest of flattery}.  Hey I had a pair from Steve Madden that looked very similar.  I loved them because they are so easy to wear.  They slip on and off, but their ‘no fuss’ quality is all I can say for them.  Perhaps I need to find something more in the middle.

Any by the way I know it’s a bit early to be discussing boots, I mean for goodness sakes the trees still have leaves.  I most certainly DO NOT want to rush fall.  However, I do need new boots for this winter.  I actually made myself throw out those Steve Madden boots last Spring so that I wouldn’t be tempted to wear them for another year.  They were disgusting.  Full of salt and even had holes!  Okay, well the search continues.  If anyone has any ideas for me post a link and help a girl out!


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