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Fall Delights October 4, 2011

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 Guess what I’m doing right now!?

If you guessed Packing for Denver you are correct and read my mind at the same time!

That’s right I’m going to visit one of my very best friends who all of you already know.  It’s one of my fellow bloggers… Sarah!  I can’t wait! I’ve never been to Denver, let alone Colorado and I’m excited to see the beautiful scenery everyone talks about.  We’re sure to have a good time.  Whenever and wherever we are we have good times. You’ll have to wait until next week to see what kind of trouble we get into.

Since I can’t really talk about that yet I thought I’d share my Fall Food Projects so far this season.  I’ve only completed one of them so far, but after my trip I’m sure I’ll get to the others.  I think it was two weekends ago that some of my cousins and I went up to Green Oaks, IL to the Heinz Orchard.  We picked it especially because it is purely an orchard.  None of that commercial crapola: Hayrides in a trailer, corn mazes 3 feet high, and electronic kid rides.  You pay for either a peck or ½ a peck at the small tent in front and then you can go crazy.  We had a great time and since my sister and I shared a peck, we each came away with 21 apples!  Look at this haul:

I haven’t made anything except a snack out of my share of apples, but my sister shared a recipe for apple chips that looks yummy.  I have to make a final decision and use these up when I get back.  Then this past week I got further into a fall cooking mood and bought some stew meat and even picked up pie pumpkins and butternut squashes at a local pumpkin patch.  I’ve been waiting forever {since June} to use the birthday present my sister gave me:

Green Cast Iron Pot

I saw a post (wish I could remember where) about making pumpkin pies from scratch and even though that seems a bit crazy for my amateur baker  status I did like the writers point about knowing where the filling in the can comes from.  I will try to document the experience but you may have to wait a few weeks for a post.  {Next week is Denver remember?!}  The butternut squash I picked up on a whim because of my love for Whole Foods version.  You know how every Facebook post you see says something about Carmel Apple Spice or Pumpkin lattes?  Well not me!  My favorite fall warm item is butternut squash soup from Whole Foods.  There is no other quite so good…and believe me I’ve tried to find it.  However, like most things at WholeFoods, it is expensive soup and  I thought maybe if try hard enough I can replicate it at a lower cost.  So far I spent $1.99 on 2 squashes which is already way less than the $5.99 one container at WF costs.  I just googled it and found that they actually put out a recipe. I’ll have to try it out and let you know how it tastes.


3 Responses to “Fall Delights”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Hey kel! Phil and I make a great butternut squash soup!! Let me know if you what the recipe.

  2. Uncharted Says:

    Mr. Hux makes an awesome Butternut Squash soup that J and I have replicated with cream cheese and nutmeg. I’ll give you that recipe when I SEE YOU IN DENVER IN A DAY! Seriously, SO EXCITED.

  3. […] weeks ago I showed you all my pie pumpkins and promised I would make them into a pumpkin pie from scratch.  I must admit […]

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