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Foster and a Marathon October 12, 2011

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Last Wednesday night I got my “pumped up kicks” on Foster the People at the Rivera in downtown Chicago. The Rivera is one of my favorite larger venues for concerts.  Through the years the building has gone through just a few changes. Built originally as a movie theatre at the turn of the century then transformed to a night club in the 80’s. Fun stuff huh? And now in the present day, it serves as a sweet venue for many local and internationally known bands i.e. Foster the People.

The show was fantastic. Foster totally came ready to play. The energy was pulsing off the walls bringing everyone, even those in the balcony out of their seats. The untraditional stage set up with the drums off to the right side opened up the stage for a lot of movement. I was very impressed with the musical talent of the band mates. Many – 3 out of the 5 members – switched instruments continuously after songs.

Foster won major points on two occasions. One was they mentioned as part of their tour they are spending time with a local non-profit in the city they are performing and then donating proceeds of their shows to that nonprofit. Yeah, they rock on multiple levels. The second occasion occurred at the encore with a 10 minute re-mix of “Pumped Up Kicks”. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! If they’re coming to a town near you, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Apparently, I couldn’t get enough of Chicago last week. I also went downtown with my friend Lei to cheer on our friend Steve who ran the Chicago Marathon. People lined the street with signs cheering on friends, family and loved ones. Lei was out and about high-fiving those who had finished marathon as we walked towards Michigan and Columbus.

We found a nice spot right by the finish line and waited for Steve to cross. I had signed up for the text messaging service that sent updates on Steve’s progress throughout the race. It even included an estimated finish time, which was extremely helpful and correct because we easily found him. We congratulated him and walked him over to his parents where he promptly sat down and relaxed in the sun.

It was a really cool experience watching the runners come across the finish line. I can only imagine the amount of work that went in to it and seeing Steve complete it was awesome. I’m super proud of him and he knows if he comes back to Chicago again, I’ll be there to cheer him on.

Chicago Marathon finish line


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