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What to Wear? October 25, 2011

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It’s almost that time of year again.  The time when I tell myself I don’t care about dressing up and then about 32 hours before Halloween weekend I go into a frenzy trying to figure out what I could possibly pull together in this short amount of time {for a not too high cost}.  The closer it gets the more elaborate the plans in my head become.  And the higher the pressure is to think of something creative, fun, and of course pretty {I’m not one to go for something scary or gross}.  Oh yeah and then there is that money thing again.  Who wants to spend what it costs for these fancy pants costumes.  $80 dollars on a little piece of fabric and a feather for your hair? I’m sorry, but I certainly do not and I think most people would agree with me.

Okay little bit of a rant going on there, but it had to be said.  Now moving on….every year I remind myself of the scramble the year before and how even though I might think it’s easy to find a pair of gold high heels, silver pleated skirt, or mouse ears, it never is.  Whenever I have an exact item to purchase, it seems to elude me.  And every year I say this year I’m too old, I don’t care to dress up, etc.  And every year what do I do?  That’s right, I scramble!  Most the time I end up with something I create myself, but once I did buy a totally premade costume {and only paid 20 for it so I’m not as heartbroken about that}.  Here are my past couple years of costumes :

2010- Where’s Waldo?
Essentials: Red and white striped shirt, glasses, white hat, red and white accessories

2009- Sailor
Essentials: Totally Store Bought.  Did the pin-up hair on my own does that count?!

2008- 50’s Girl
Essentials: Store Bought the skirt, had cute Mary Janes, hair in ponytail, rolled my socks

2007- 3 Blind Mice
Essentials: all black outfits, mouse ears, sunglasses, 3 pretty ladies {me and 2 other Uncharted Writers!}

3 Blind Mice- Sorry for the blur

2006- Kitty Cat
Essentials: all black outfit, cat ears, whisker and a nose {drawn with eyeliner}

2005- Pirate
Essentials: eye patch, big hoop earrings, bangles, red top, black gaucho pants {anyone remember these!?}, plastic sword

Okay those are all the pictures you get.  I actually have pictures of the kitty and pirate, but they’re from college and just too embarrassing to post and the 50’s girl I can’t find a good one where you can actually see the costume.  Guess you’ll have to use your imagination for those.  Is anyone dressing up this year?  What are your ideas?  I could use some if I have that change of heart on Friday!


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