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Night Out in Evanston October 26, 2011

What do you know about Evanston? Besides …

  • That the purple line goes there
  • A little university called Northwestern
  • Tasty neighborhood restaurants
  • Cozy live theatre venues
  • Headquarters of Rotary International
  • Quite a few museums
  • Umteen galleries
  • And a whole bunch of cultural organizations.

Honestly, I only knew about the first two. Thanks to my dude and Google, I learned about the rest. My northern boundary for the most part is Irving Park Road. After a fun evening in Evanston this weekend I found out I need to do more exploring.

The night began at Campagnola Restaurant. The restaurant received many points throughout the night.

  1. They proudly use locally grown and organic products
  2. Nice variety of wines
  3. Delightful desserts – I had the vanilla bean bread pudding…and warned my date that I might have to lick the plate
  4. The atmosphere is intimate, relaxed and chic
  5. Succulent entrees – I had the special – halibut in a cream corn sauce with sweet onions

So, yes I would go back to Campagnola. After dinner the next stop was the Piccolo Theatre. And a literal stop it was, on the Metra. Housed in the unexpected location of Evanston’s working train depot, it provides one unique location.

Spectators were treated to a theatre-in–the-round style of closing night of “Comedy of Errors”.  It was an intimate performance with only around 30 seats.  Focused on engagement, the actors easily interacted with the audience during the show. In such a small space, the use of key props as doorways made the stage seemed larger and acted as great transitional cues.

The show was highly entertaining. The live band played a perfect background tune setting up each scene, whether adding drama or complimenting Dromio’s lament. If you’re looking for a neighborhood theatre with quality actors, go no further than the Piccolo.


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