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How to Kill Time Between a Wedding Ceremony and Reception November 2, 2011

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Last weekend one of my sorority sisters got married in upstate New York near the Rochester area. Jill, Bethany and I (you can read about a few of our other adventures) flew in to celebrate with the happy couple.

On our way to the ceremony we debated about what to do after the couple said I do because we didn’t want to go back to the hotel immediately.

“I’ve never touched Lake Ontario before,” Jill said.

“I guess that means we’re going to Lake Ontario,” said Bethany.

And to Lake Ontario we went. However, our mapping system did not exactly send us to the right place the first time. After turning around in a few private entrances without having anyone yelling trespass at us we found a relatively public spot to park.

Now, keep in mind this is right after the ceremony. So, we’re wearing dresses and heels. I totally give Bethany and Jill props because they both made it down a sizeable hill safely and went into the water. I on the other hand stole Jill’s gym shoes and volunteered to take the photo so I didn’t need to get into the water.

Bethany and Jill Going Into the Water

The greatest part was just 50 feet further was a public park with no hill to climb down or up. Plus, there were a group of 12 fishermen watching us wondering what the heck we were doing.

Once back in the car, we still had time left, so we took the scenic road back to the hotel. Driving down two-lane roads we watched gorgeous old homes pass us by. Quaint towns greeted us with wrap around porches, old farmhouses and beautiful town halls and churches.

As we passed through the towns we found one surprise.  Can you guess? We found, the Erie Canal. Of course, Jill made us stop the car, sing the song (did you know there is a song?) and we took just a few photos.

Here is one for you.

Over the Erie Canal

The next time, don’t just go back to the hotel and see what’s on TV before the wedding reception starts. Even if it’s only a few hours, you can still touch a lake and explore an area you may never see again.


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