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Manicures and Martinis November 6, 2011

What could a girl possibly love more than an opportunity to relax and get her nails done while having a delicious themed-martini with her friends?  I discovered the joy of this experience a few weeks ago with Krista when we went to Beauty Bar in Denver.  Before I even moved here a few months ago, I went on a frantic shopping spree any time I saw a Groupon or Living Social deal to what looked like a fun place in my new home.  I saw the deal for Beauty Bar and jumped on that one immediately, and it was very worth it.

Krista and I enjoyed pink martinis while we got our nails done

Usually Beauty Bar charges $10 for a manicure and martini, but the deal was a 2-for-1er.  In my book though, I’d definitely go back and pay the full $10 to do it again.  The martinis have adorable beauty shop names and are fun twists on classics.  The manicurists were friendly and funky, not to mention they gave a great basic manicure.  It’s not a full manicure because you’re getting it done at a bar, but you still get the basics in, and they have plenty of fun polish colors.

I do have to mention that my favorite part about the experience was the ambiance: a slightly modernized 50s themed bar with subtle touches of retro and vintage beauty shop equipment and color schemes.  We went after work one night, so it wasn’t pumping and crowded yet, but they say the dance floor gets pretty packed on late nights and weekends, so we’ll have to go back to check it out!  Beauty Bars are all over the place in the US: New York, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Austin, Brooklyn, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, and of course Denver.  So if you’re ever looking for a fun outing with the girls, try Beauty Bar out for a fun twist on the usual girly traditions.

Retro hair dryers line the walls where you can sit and wait for your manicure while enjoying your themed-martini


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