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Quick Fixes November 8, 2011

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I wanted to share a few quick tricks that help me.  Some people would call these life hacks:

1.  I have a clean piece of clothing want to wear it, but its super wrinkled {to the point of unacceptable}.  I put it in the dryer and put a damp hand towel in there too.  After about ten minutes or so the item is usually pretty de-wrinkled.  This technique gets be through some pretty desperate times in the morning when I need an outfit to wear and there’s nothing!

2.  A lot of stuff I like to wear has small details like ruffles and appliqués.  They look great in the store , but once they’ve been washed,  that don’t lay as nicely as I want them to.  So my little trick is to turn my straightener on and use it to work out the kinks that you can’t get with a bulky iron.

* I just noticed that the last two short cuts were all about avoiding the use of an iron.

3.  This idea came from my sister {she’s smart like that}.  Both of us use a face powder that holds the powder in the bottom that you have to sort of shake to get some powder to use.  It’s fine when it’s sitting on your dresser not moving, but if you take it with you some place like an airplane, by the time you get to your destination  and open the top to use it, the powder has gone everywhere and you spend 20 minutes shaking and tapping the thing so it all goes back inside.  Well No More!  My sister showed me how she finds a sticker and sticks it over the holes before she takes the powder anywhere.  I tried it on my last trip and it worked great!

Perhaps a photo would help illustrate what I mean...

4.  When my mascara is running low and I don’t have a spare, I lay the tube on the radiator {only works if it happens to be on at makeup time} or roll it between my hands to warm it up.  It softens up the makeup inside and I can get even more out of it then I normally would.

5.  Two words people: Hot Glue.  It solves all of lives problems.  Example: I finally decided that I should be a girl scout for that costume party I was talking about 2 weeks ago.  My sister brought me her old vest {we can’t find mine!} and a baggie of all our old badges my mother never sewed on.  She’d kill me for mentioning this, but I find it endearing.  She wanted us to have the patches on but didn’t sew or really have the time {she was a working mom} so she once stapled our patches on.  Anyway I decided to use one of her other handy tools, the hot glue gun, and went crazy adding badges!  Looks pretty legit don’t you think {i mean minus any stitching}?


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