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Christmas A Little Early November 9, 2011

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Each year, more and more, I feel that Thanksgiving gets the shaft. I even wrote a post about the Forgotten Holiday last year. And yet, much to my dismay, I have a confession to make. I have already listened to Christmas music and I made my gingerbread house.

I know you’re thinking, how? Why? Where’s your will power? To my defense, there is a very good reason.  The early holiday cheer was due to the fact that my best friend Jill is leaving for Australia for the next three months.

As you may recall, myself, Jill, and our college roommate Bethany get together around the holidays every year for a gingerbread extravaganza.  This summer we realized if we wanted to continue the tradition we would have to bump up the holiday tradition to pre-Thanksgiving. Not willing to give up on this winter classic, we agreed to the first weekend in November for our extravaganza.

This year’s host was appropriately Jill, as it offered an opportunity for us to say good-bye before her trip.  As usual, before the event we divided and conquered the candy and decorating list. Despite her ridiculous busy schedule, Jill found time to bake the gingerbread, found new templates for our buildings, and made the icing for us.

Friday night we got right to work. We built our foundations with lots of icing and found solid structural support from soup cans. This left us in great shape for a full day of decorating on Saturday. The only time we stepped away from the houses was to grab dinner and extra icing supplies from the grocery store.

Below is this year’s gingerbread village, comprised of a manger scene by Jill, an epic farmhouse by Bethany and a barn by yours truly.

2011 Gingerbread Village

I’m really glad we were able to continue this tradition, despite Pandora only knowing five Christmas songs that kept getting repeated. All in all, it was a blast and hopefully next year we’ll be able to do it again and have it be more appropriately timed.


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