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When Life Gets Busy November 16, 2011

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This weekend, I’m looking forward to time at home.  November 19th was my last Friday, Saturday and Sunday spent in the apartment. Or at least, spending the night in the state where I am registered to vote.

Fall has unexpectedly been busy. As soon as basketball wrapped up, I thought things would lighten up. Apparently, this was a misconceived notion.  In the end, for me, it’s no surprise that life gets busy.

We choose what we want to be apart of. Whether it’s volunteering at a shelter, having dinner with a friend or getting your oil changed. Sometimes we don’t get to choose. We’re told, oh that report that’s due Friday, yeah….we need it done by close of business today. I guess you still have a choice not to do the report, but would you want to face the consequences?

Consequences are probably the main reason why I choose to dedicate my time to what different things. Consequences might be a little harsh. Maybe it’s more of fear of missing out, afraid of loosing an opportunity to make a difference or an impact.

So, after my awesome philosophical insight (which I know you are totally blown away by), I bet you’re wondering what I am doing this weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be as glamorous or as heartfelt as you might expect it to be.

Here’s my short-list:

  • Have at least a 20 minute in person conversation with Kelly
  • Laundry
  • Clean (kitchen, bedroom)
  • Take a tub
  • Organize desk so I can see it again
  • File paper work
  • Read a chapter in a book for fun
  • Lesson plan
  • Go through my closet for our second annual Swap For the Greater Good
  • Nuzzle with Harlo and maybe Stella if she lets me
  • Watch Parking Wars or something else equally mind numbing for at least one hour
  • Put away my shoes so I can see my closet floor

We’ll see what actually gets accomplished. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and check everything off my list. But, looking at it now there are about ten other items I want to add.  Only time will tell and I want to leave you with a few last thoughts…

Think about your schedule. What do you make time for? Or, what’s if you need to make more time what’s the first item to get cut? Are you sensitive to missing the world pass you by or even holding the door for a stranger?


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