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Viva Las Vegas November 19, 2011

Going to Las Vegas is like being in a foreign country.  There are people roaming around from all corners of the Earth, there’s an Eiffel tower, and everything is so expensive you may as well have gone on a vacation halfway across the world.  Vegas is a unique place, and there’s a LOT to do there.  Jonathan and I were lucky enough to take a FREE 3-day trip there last weekend through an Allstate sales promotion.  3 days was a perfect amount of time for us to spend there.  We got to see everything we would want to see, and by the time we took the shuttle to the airport I was so tired from lack of sleep in “Sin City” that I felt like the walking dead.

I realized that if you are going to spend some time in Vegas, whether it be a little or a lot, there are some key things you need to do to feel fulfilled by the time you board your plane back home…

See a Show…we saw LOVE, and when my dear friend Ashley and I went a few years ago we saw Mariah Carey in concert and a magic show…whatever you see though, you need to see a show in Vegas.  There are so many good ones, so many truly talented people, and also a whole lotta crazies who will do anything to entertain people!

LOVE was an exceptional show of Cirque du Soleil tricks set to the Beatles' greatest hits

Do the Free Stuff…Vegas will make your wallet squeak, but not everything has to break the bank.  There are lots of free things to see like the fountains at the Bellagio (my personal favorite, and they run often, so you could stand there for an hour and see a few shows, or just stop by for a show each time you pass) and the Sirens of Treasure Island show (funny, because this one advertises itself as ‘family friendly,’ even though the girls are very scantily-clad and sing quite provocative songs…but it’s entertaining nonetheless).

If I lived in Vegas, I'd stop by the Bellagio fountain show at least once a day

Sirens of TI show

Walk the Strip…Go into any and all the hotels you have time for, and just see what there is to see.  So many of them have interesting interiors (like the gondola-occupied ‘river’ through the Venetian, and the sculpture and fountain-heavy halls of Cesar’s Palace).  The strip is quite a hike if you walk the whole thing, so you should bring comfy shoes if you plan on exploring as much as we did!  It’s a good workout though, and then you earn yourself an extra Vegas cocktail 😉

The two of us by New York, New York

Inside Cesar's Palace, one of the MANY fountains you'll see there!

The "Eiffel Tower"

Go Out…and go armed with cash.  You pretty much can’t go to any of the fun clubs and pay less than $9 for a Miller Lite.  But even if you only stay for a few drinks (or do like we did and drink wine in your hotel room before you leave so the bars aren’t as pricey for you), the clubs in Vegas are like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Some are set near gorgeous pools and fountains, and they all have insane decor.

One of the clubs in the Wynn where we saw Lil Jon...half of it is on the pool deck!

Viva Las Vegas!



4 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Stephanie K. Says:

    I love Love with my mom when we went to Vegas and loved it. We had great seats and it was such a fun show!

  2. Uncharted Says:

    haha it’s cool Steph, I commit type-o crimes all the time. the worst is when you do it on someone’s facebook wall, and then realize after it’s been up there for all the world to see for a few days that it says something totally wrong…LOVE was amazing, I’m glad you liked it too! It’s so neat how basically all the seats are good too, because of the circular stage set up and the fact that they fly over the whole audience at one point or another 🙂

  3. […] 5. go back to Vegas…got it…Jonathan and I got to go back in November because he WON a trip from Allstate! Read about that here. […]

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