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Getting Ready for the Holidays November 23, 2011

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The ads started for black Friday a few weeks ago. My favorite crazy Target lady is back. I guess that means Thanksgiving has been officially put in the back seat. Slowly but surely Christmas is creeping up on us.

Originally, holiday ornamentation inched from the back to the front of stores. It phased out the overlooked holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Pumpkins were replaced with stockings. Lawn decorations of inflatable spiders were deflated to make room for lighted reindeer. All to soon the colors of green, red, white, blue, silver and gold exploded like a firecracker on Independence Day.

So where does that leave us? Ready to embrace it, that’s where! I’m starting to get my holiday to-do’s in a row and that got me thinking, how do you get ready for the holidays? Do you set goals? Is there anything special you do to keep organized or sane? I’m curious to hear what you folks do.

Of course, I’ll share a few of my secrets for sanity.

  • One goal for this year is to shop locally for holiday gifts. Even though I do live in one of the highest taxed counties in the nation, the holiday season is about giving back. Hence, I want to give back to the local independent retail owners in my neighborhood. I can’t help out Wall Street but I can help my own main street.
  • Lists, lists and more lists! Oh, and a few excel files too.
    • Last year I created my cookie spreadsheet. It’s my dashboard for cooking listing a regular baking schedule, ingredients, and links or page references to cook books and or magazines. Last week I updated it and I cannot wait to try out three new recipes! You’ll just have to wait to find out what they are in a future post J.
    • Another excel file I created last year that got some updating is a gift list. It helps me to stay on track with what I bought, for whom and how much. This is a great way to try and stay true to my budget. I know the budget will get blown, but I can at least try to stay pretty close with my “total sum” column.
    • My gift list! Just a simple bullet list of items that I wouldn’t mind receiving with links to examples. They’re not necessarily the exact things I would like but it helps to give people a reference point.
    • Christmas card deals. I love a bargain. The clearance rack and I are on a first name basis and more and more that first name is being used with Groupon. They have fabulous holiday deals. Just today I bought a Groupon for $25 that gets me 50 customized holiday cards. Done and done. Well, almost. I have to figure out what photos to use, but that’s a minor detail.

      My Holiday Deal from Group0n

So, what are your suggestions? Do you have any for me that I could incorporate? I’m all ears!


One Response to “Getting Ready for the Holidays”

  1. Tina Nepomuceno Says:

    The crazy Target Lady has grown on me over time. I think this year, she is crazier! Have fun completing your gift list. If you want to put together pictures and make an album, calendar, etc., check out Picaboo. I had a groupon and just used it recently. Hey, you know where to find me if you have leftover cookies—love homebaked ones!

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