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An Ode to Black Friday with a Nod to Hamlet November 30, 2011

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To go out and brave the mob or not to? That is the question.

Whether its nobler to camp on cold concrete

Or to await the sun on Monday morning

And by opposing end them. To shop, to save –

No more – and by shop to say we bank

The heartache, and the streams of flowing tears

That brings joy or sadness. ‘Tis a completion

Held by the beholder. To shop, to save –

To save—perchance a steal: ay, there’s the rub,

For midnight to four AM what may come

When we have methodically planed our spree.

Must give us haste. There’s no respect

That makes calamity in the parking lot

For who would bear the ball and chain of a cart,

Th’ big box’s wrong, the buyer be warned

The pangs of lost coupons, the receipt delay

The disrespect of clerks and the spurns

Those screeches of repeated store announcements

When she herself might her surrender to all

With only four hours to shop who would dare,

To push and shove under florescent lights,

But that the dread of only Cyber Monday left,

The unknown bargains, only corporate knows

No purchaser redeems, both deals and coupons,

And makes us rather anxious to evil wills

Than complacent in our fortnights to come?

Thus The Man does make cowards of us all,

And thus glamour and glitz of holidays

Is plastered o’er newspaper and homepage

And labors of planning and organizing

With this sole moonlit evening and early morn

And forego what is to do. Soft you now,

The fair Black Friday! –Elves, in thy workshop

Be all my discounts remembered!


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