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A Commentary on Christmas Decor December 6, 2011

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can’t help but notice all the decorations people are putting up for the holidays.  I love seeing  the creativity that occurs in the most wonderful time of the year.  However I can’t help noticing there are some decorations that are just plain wrong!  I know my posts are usually cheery and bright, but I just have to get these things off my chest:

#1- Not completing your lighting job

You know those lights that look like icicles surrounding the eves of houses?  Yeah, about those…if you don’t have enough strands to go the entire length of the house/garage/doorway/youknowwhatImean, then please don’t put them up!  I mean seriously people.  It makes me think you fell off your roof and didn’t make it.  Another example would be the light nets they sell to cover your bushes.  Believe me I am all for a short cut when it comes to decorating in the cold.  But honestly if one net doesn’t cover your bush then for goodness sakes buy two and finish the job!

#2- Creepy robotic Christmas Characters

Ever feel like someone’s watching you?  You will if you go by a house with a bunch of these creatures in the window!  They move ever so slowly and usually depict carolers, angels, and maybe even Santa soaking his worn out feet in a tub { I am not kidding I saw one like this!}.  For some reason these creep me out and I don’t like them.  To each his own I suppose!

#3- Fake Christmas Trees

Okay I know there are some legitimate reasons why some people might choose a plastic tree over a real one.  Allergies, saving expense, saving the Earth, saving on the clean-up, these are just a few of them.  It can be an emotional argument.  I just want to put my opinion out there and say that it’s nice to have the real thing sometimes.  There’s no need for hanging scented ornaments, spraying things on your plastic tree, or lighting evergreen and pine scented candles.  You can just put it in your home and enjoy it.  You will how ever need a humidifier as well as a spray bottle to keep little kitties from climbing the thing.

#4-Taking Un-Christmasy things and making them Christmasy

My sister reminded me of this one and it’s so true!  She said she saw a lawn inflatable Green M&M in a Santa hat.  I was laughing pretty hard when she was telling me about it, especially when she ended with, ‘I mean what is Christmasy about a green M&M?’  It’s true!  The stores will take anything and try to make it into a Christmas item.  Why would you support that!? Why would you put an M&M on your lawn?

Okay, I feel better now that I got those out there.  It’s true that I can be a Christmas décor freak {just ask Karla about how surprised she was the first year we lived together and I started moving around the ornaments on the tree}.  But I feel there are some things that are just plain wrong and now you know what they are.  Thanks for listening.


2 Responses to “A Commentary on Christmas Decor”

  1. daunaeasley Says:

    Great tour through holiday lighting no-nos. I heartily agree. Only thing worse? Christmas lights still up in April. Ugh.
    Dauna Easley

  2. Uncharted Says:

    Haha, thanks Dauna! My sister would whole heartily agree with you about Christmas lights in April. She told me she’s been tempted to leave letters in those people’s mailboxes!

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