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Dress to Impress December 13, 2011

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I really enjoy dressing up.  So I dress up for holidays.  Some people may think the holidays are a time to get comfy and there isn’t anything wrong with that.  But I use the holidays to fulfill my dressing up needs.  All my cousins have pretty much silently agreed to this by wearing a fancy outfit every year for Christmas.  Then there is the annual New Year’s Party that Karla and I host and we always request fancy dress of our guests.  I think the party feels more special when everyone is looking their best.  Even the guys dress to impress.

Here are a few options/inspirations I am considering for this holiday season:

I found this lovely frock on ModCloth.com.  It’s called the Rose Bubbly Dress.  The fabric looks really nice in the close up on their website.  How perfect would that be for a New Year’s Party?  I love the silhouette of this one, but probably a bit out of my price range.

I adore this green one because it’s festive and the price is more reasonable.  The ASOS website is cool because they show a video of a model wearing the dress which I find helpful in seeing what it would look like.  Only issue here is this is one short dress!  Not sure if it will cause my legs to freeze…

Anyone recognize this dress?  Any Gleeks out there? It was the dress the competitors wore on Glee’s Sectional Episode this season {at least I’m pretty sure}!  I really liked it when I saw it on the show and can’t believe it’s available to purchase.  I like the idea of wearing red because it isn’t something I’d usually go for and is very festive.  I also love that although it looks like a tube top, it really is a tank dress and I wouldn’t be pulling at it all night.  It even has the bling so I don’t have to worry about accessorizing!

While I was searching I spotted this dress on ModCloth.com which was designed by  Corey Lynn Calter.  It’s totally the dress Jess wore tonight on New Girl!  I love it, but it would wash me out and blow my budget {yes I have to have a budget even though it’s a fancy dress}.  Sorry it’s so small, the site wouldn’t let me grab a bigger picture.  Click on the girl and it should take you to the site if you’d like to see a bigger picture.

Well no purchases were made tonight, but I’m sure I will find something soon.  If I order online I’ll need to make a decision soon.  Someone mentioned that Christmas Eve  is only 11 days away!  I better get moving!


4 Responses to “Dress to Impress”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    The ASOS website is full of super cute dresses! But just like the green one you posted, they are all SUPER short as well! There was one on there I was eying today but I could never buy it without trying it on first because the hemline makes me nervous.

    Also, I think you mean that red dress looks like a TUBE top, not a halter.

  2. Uncharted Says:

    You’re right! I need to change it to tube..thanks!

  3. Carly Says:

    The red dress looks great…but where can you buy it from???….thanks

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