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A Look Back at my 2011 Aspirations December 28, 2011

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Well since this is the last post of the year for me I decided to take another look at my 26 Aspirations for 2011.  I absolutely did not accomplish every single one of them, but I feel like I did more than I would have if I didn’t have the list.  Next year I plan on having 27 goals and document the details a bit better for myself.  For instance, I know I read a book each month, but I wish I knew which ones they were.  Here goes nothing:

.1.  Pack homemade lunches

{I eat a homemade lunch 4-5 times a workweek.  I only say yes to going out to lunch once a week.  I think getting down to twice a month would be a good goal to up the ante}

.2.  Arrive 5 minutes early to everything

{‘Everything’ is a bit extreme, but my sister (Queen of Organized and On Time) told me I’ve been much better since I made this an aspiration}

.3.  Hunt for treasures in antique & Thrift stores

{I did this!  I found a few treasures and a really awesome local antique mall I never knew was there before}

.4.  Grow and cultivate a positive spirit

{This is a hard one to measure, but having it on my list helps to keep it in the forefront for me.  Positivity isn’t always my first instinct, but I keep people around me that do have that instinct and I’d like to think it rubs off on me.}

.5.  Make exercise a normal routine

{Depends on what part of 2011 you look at.  I started off strong with my Lenten promise of working out every other day and have slid into a routine of completely no exercise.  Does climbing multiple flights of stairs a day count?  I didn’t think so.  This is going on the list again.}

.6.  Declutter and create a tranquil bedroom

{I completed my bedside table which helped me to have a much nicer space near my bed.  I also gave away a lot of clothes and items I no longer needed.  It’s a work in progress}

.7.  Visit out of town friends

{I visited my friend Lei –Charleston, IL in April, and Sarah and Jon-Denver, CO in October}

.8.  Read at least two one books per month

{This is one I altered because I think I was being a bit ambitious.  I don’t have a record of all the books I read, but I know I did complete this goal and some months exceeded it!  For Christmas my dad got me the new Kindle Fire.  I am super excited because I think this will only increase the amount I read.  I love real books, but the Kindle really is nice when you are traveling and don’t want to carry heavy books.}

.9.  Stop biting my nails and messing with my cuticles

{I have no permanent solution for this yet.  Getting a manicure helps, but can get expensive}

.10. Take a sewing class

{My sister and I attended a lovely class at The Needle Shop in Chicago and I wrote about it here}

.11. Learn to play 1 piano song beautifully

{I started researching this by contacting piano teachers in the area who could help me.  I also dug out my old keyboard from my dad’s basement.  Then I hit a dead-end.  The teachers either ignored my email or told me my request was strange and they didn’t agree with it.  They wanted me to go through proper lessons instead of skipping to one song.  This discouraged me and I didn’t get this one done.  Since I took piano as a child, perhaps I could revive this one by teaching myself?  We will see!}

.12. Curb my temper and anxiety while driving

{Leaving early helps, but I still have a temper when driving.  I tend to be aware of others and try to be thoughtful when driving- ie. Get out of people’s way when they want to go faster than me.  Why don’t others have this courtesy?!}

.13. Try attending at least two new churches

{I attended 3 new churches, but only 1 new religion.  I attended 2 Lutheran services, one that was a bit alternative and one that was pretty conservative and a new Catholic church.  What I actually learned was how similar the Lutheran religion is to Catholicism (which is what I was raised with).  However, I want to experience something completely different than what I’ve seen before.  Perhaps a Jewish or Hindu Temple?  This one will stay.}

.14. Complete service events every month

{This did not get completed every month, but I did complete a lot more service than I have in the past and I may have forgotten some things.  That’s why I said I need to document better:  There was donations in January, school painting in February, Relay for Life in April, MS Walk in May, Adopted a Kitty in August, Swap and Shoe Drive in November, Operation Blessing Food Drive in December}

.15. Solve the clutter on my home desk

{Umm, no comment…that desk looks worse than ever!}

.16. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been before

{Accomplished!  Went to Washington DC for the first time as well as Denver, CO!}

.17. Be clear on my yeses and nos

{This is a good one to keep in mind, but hard to measure.  A good exercise to practice with will be my new aspiration list for 2012}

.18. Organize my finances- so I can start saving

{I have been saving, but I’d like to get more organized.  Every time I start to do this, the details bog me down.  That’s a pattern I have and I need to realize that good enough is good!}

.19. Get 8 hours of sleep always

{Hahaha, I laugh at this one because I am not very good at it.  I did just get a cool new app for my phone called Sleep Cycle that I turn on at night and it measures my sleep for me.  You can also set an alarm that will wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.  I haven’t decided if this works for me yet, but it does encourage me to get to bed faster because it records the sleeping time!}

.20. Purchase a bicycle and ride it as much as possible

{Did not purchase a bike or ride one for that matter.  I did do a lot of research and headed to a special bike shop in town.  In the end the prices were high for the amount I’d probably use it.  I think I will probably keep this goal and opt for something lower end that will still do the job}

.21. Use natural products in my beauty routine

{I have used a database that rates products on the market to try and week out the real harmful products.  I wrote about it here.  It’s pretty cool you should check it out and improve your beauty products}

.22. Go see a play I’ve never seen before

{Girls and I went to the Shakespeare Theater in June and saw Murder for 2 on Navy Pier!}

.23. Refrain from using the F word

{ Shut the Front Door- Orbit Gum is helping me!}

.24. Start a new ‘Green’ habit every quarter

{Let’s see: Stop running water while brushing teeth, 5 minute showers (with a timer to test me), using reusable bags (and only paper and plastic if necessary and then can reuse those), and doing the clothing Swap every year so we don’t waste clothing and can help others}

.25. Go to a movie by myself

{I read and then went to see The Help by Kathryn Stockett, I bawled my eyes out.  It was probably good I was alone.  Then again everyone in the theater was crying and I didn’t feel alone at all.}

.26. Take a hot air balloon ride

{I failed to do this, but it will still stay on my list cause I really want to go}

And because I’m a visual person I have color coded each aspiration to help me easily see how I measured up.  Green means the goal was completed.  Yellow is a work in progress and Red is a failure.  As I completed this look back I realized it was easier for me to accomplish the aspirations that were specific and  measurable.  I think I’ll use that new knowledge for my next list.  Have a Happy New Year everyone!  Yay 2012!


3 Responses to “A Look Back at my 2011 Aspirations”

  1. D.A. Says:

    Cool list! Looks like you accomplished a good deal of these things! Congrats!


  2. thinkinglazy Says:

    This is an incredibly elaborate one, and mostly involved around self-discipline, I love it, here is my much shorter version for the things I wish to achieve 2012 http://thinkinglazy.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/new-years-resolution/

  3. Katie Rose Says:

    I have a suggestion to help you reach goal #18 next year!

    Keep track of certain costs and build from there. For example, start by recording your gas expenses each month. I have been doing this for the past 3 years. Sadly, the rising cost of gas caused me to spend just under $300 more this year over last but I did learn that I filled up exactly the same amount of times (30)! Couple this information with your repair/maintenance costs (ex. oil changes), insurance, and miscellaneous expenses (ex. parking stickers) and you’ll have a good idea of what your car costs you each year. It will help you budget for the future as well!

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