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Metal Bows January 17, 2012

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I love bows!  I noticed recently that I especially love fake bows….that sounds strange.  Let me explain.  I like bows that aren’t really tied, but have been shaped into a bow.  Actually an easier description is metal bows.  I know bows are a bit little girly, but I think the metal can really add edge and character to an outfit.  I realized that without knowing it I’ve collected quite a few metal bow accessories.   Here they are:

Love my Bow Belt from the Gap

My version of a Bow Tie

Not exactly a bow, but looks tied!

Around Christmas I went into a store called Charming Charlie’s.  My cousin loves accessorizing and I had her name in the yearly draw.   Have any of you ever been in there?  It’s an accessory heaven!  Granted it’s not the most high quality stuff you ever saw.  But there are so many choices {in fact it overwhelmed me a little}.  It helps that the store is organized by color though.  I think it’s perfect for fancy events because you could have the outfit picked out and pretty much walk in there and find the perfect jewelry very easily and at a pretty good cost.  Check out all the bow accessories I found there:

Charming Charlie Bling Bow Headband

Love the red bows! Wish the sold them separateCharming Charlie Silver bow necklace

Charming Charlie Silver bow necklace

I got her a pretty necklace and matching earrings.  I didn’t end up purchasing any bow items, but I didn’t quite make it out of the store with no purchases…

My very own Ruby Red Slippers!


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