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The First DIY of the New Year January 18, 2012

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Hello Uncharted readers! First off, major apologies for my lack of posts. Surviving the holidays is a challenge and then finding a grove to get back into is just as difficult. But I’m glad to say, it’s good to be back!

Knowing that one of my hobbies is re-doing furniture a good friend donated about a dozen paint samples to me.  Unfortunately for the longest time, I had no time. So the paint samples sat and sat and sat in our slightly disorganized pantry.

Finally their day arrived to see the sun! Thanks to the holidays, the extra time I needed arrived. It has been a long while since my hands got dirty bringing new life to furniture. And as soon as I got to work, I could tell I was definitely past due. The weather even cooperated with the opportunity to work out on the porch…much to Kelly’s relief as well!

First on the furniture flip list was this magazine rack. I found this gem in an antiques store in northern Wisconsin. A $5 price tag was too good to pass up on way to “centralize” Kelly’s magazine collection. Or at least offer support to her magazine collection.

Magazine Rack Before

So what steps where taken to achieve the final look? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Dust/clean off any dirt on the rack
  • Sand! First with a rough grain and then with a smoother/finer grain
  • Remove dust from sanding
  • Paint! 3 coats for this little guy…apparently he was thirsty
  • Stencil! I had the dickens of a time with the first stencil that I wanted to use. The plastic would not lay flat and paint kept going underneath the stencil and smudging the end result. So, after consulting with Kelly that I was indeed properly stenciling, I scrapped the original stencil for another one.

And the final result is for you below. What do you think?

Magazine Rack After



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