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Train Travel January 31, 2012

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Like that alliteration?

I’m totally getting behind on my shows. I watch: Glee, New Girl,  Once Upon a Time, and Pan Am.  If you don’t mind I am catching up on them now while I write this.  Is that bad to tell people?  Just being honest.

I like to watch shows whenever I want so instead of watching when they’re live,  I wait until later in the week and watch  OnDemand {dang them for taking away the fast forwarding power!}.  I know that DVR would solve this problem, but it’s something I refuse to pay for!  Comcast is already far too expensive.  My boyfriend reminds me every other day that I should add DVR.  Little does he know that he gives me yet another reason not to give in.

Side note- my oldest kitty Harlo just came and sat next to me, which melted my heart.  Ever since I got Stella {the leopard panty wearing kitty}, Harlo won’t cuddle with me.  Not even a little.  I’ve had Stella since August and I think Harlo has only come to sit with me maybe 2 other times since.  Sad.

Anyway are you wondering when the train part is coming?

Here you go:

Today I booked an Amtrak ticket to visit my friend in St. Louis!  I’m excited because I’ve never been there before and I’m going with another friend of mine so I’ll have a companion for the trip.  It’s been far too long since we all got together so it should be very fun.  We considered driving, but honestly Training-It is less expensive and takes almost the same amount of time.  Both the train and driving {according to GoogleMaps} takes about  5 and a ½ hours.  Kinda long, but at least on the train you can sleep and read a book whereas in a car you need to either drive and pay attention or keep the driver awake.  Plus it costs less!  Yes really, the tickets were $24.00 each way and I found a coupon for 20% off so that brings it to $19.20 each way.  Bringing the total for me to $38.40.  In order to compare I used AAA’s fuel cost calculator to figure the cost of a round trip from Chicago to St. Louis.  Turns out its $80.18.  Of course two people would be splitting that cost so it would come to $40.09 a person.  That means we each saved $1.69.  Okay we might have to take public transportation to get to Union Station, and that will for sure put us over the amount of savings.   BUT we saved our cars from almost 600 extra miles…and again remember the whole not having to stay awake thing {it’s a precious thing!}

We aren’t going for a few more weeks so we will have some time to plan.  Is there any place you recommend we visit while we’re in St. Louis?  I’d love to hear suggestions!



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