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A Green Apple February 1, 2012

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Recycling electronics is not as easy as your standard plastic, glass or paper. You can’t just divide it up and place it in a bin conveniently to be picked up alongside your weekly garbage. Fortunately though, there have been improvements with a variety of opportunities to properly dispose and recycle your electronics. One is example is recycling initiatives organized by specific companies like Apple.

A few months ago I upgraded my iPhone. My old one got tossed in a drawer filled with a few other “vintage” model cell phones. And then I simply forget about them. This time though, I remembered about my long lost drawer storing my old phone when friend Tom mentioned Apple’s recycling program.

Doing my due diligence, I checked out the program and was pleasantly surprised. You can recycle not only your iPhone but also any Apple products – from computers to iPods. I chose to recycle my old phone via mail rather than going to a retail location. All I had to do was indicate my phone’s quality (report any damage), provide my mailing address and choose if I wanted to print my label at home or a have a prepaid package sent to me. Not having a package at home, I decided to go with the prepaid package.

My Little Apple Note

Five days after I submitted my request, my prepaid package arrived in the mail. Before sending off my phone, I made sure to completely “wipe” or restore the phone to its default settings. Your welcome all my phone contactsJ.  Safely tucking away the phone in its new carrier, I added the label and it was ready for the post office.

Another ten days pass when I was greeted by a sleek white envelop in my mailbox. Inside the card was a $50 gift card to any Apple store because my phone was deemed reusable. Score! Another nice feature about Apple’s recycling program is even if your items don’t meet the reuse standards, you still don’t have to pay for using the program.

If you have old Apple products lying around the house or lost in the junk drawer, find out if they are worth something. What do you have to lose? Plus, you’re gaining more room for new electronics and properly disposing of your old ones. It’s a total win-win situation!


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