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Feb Project- Heart Wreath February 7, 2012

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Aspirations .25. Find one craft per month on Pinterest and complete it

My February’s craft is inspired by Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s cliché.  Believe it or not I ‘m not really a huge fan of the holiday.  I like to get a nice dinner out of the day, but I don’t really need Dave to buy $200 worth of roses.  It just feels very forced to me.  On the other hand I really do like decorating for the season because it’s cute and I like to have something to decorate for.  I saw a paper heart wreath on Pinterest that was done by The Hybrid Chick and decided I wanted to create one for myself!  I have a ton of scrapbook paper scraps laying around and thought it would be a good way to use it up.

Here are all the materials I needed in addition to pretty paper:

  1. I used  8 hearts to create this round wreath.  I noticed that Heather {from The Hybrid Chick} used double sided papers and I love that idea…it’s twice the adorableness.  To start, I measured and cut strips of paper 2in x 11in {this is where I realized I wouldn’t be able to use as much scrap as I thought}.  I got creative and glued one-sided paper together to make it double sided.
  2. After I had my strips measured and cut, I folded each of them in half and applied adhesive to one side only.

  3. Then I folded in both ends towards each other and matched them up to form a heart shape!

  4. Once all the hearts were made I tried some different arrangements until I found the perfect one:
  5. Now that I was happy with the arrangement of the wreath I placed mini glue dots on the outside of every other heart.  I pressed them all together and got a complete circle.
  6. Last but not least I chose a coordinating ribbon threaded it between two hearts and tied a knot.  I did this again three hearts down to create a hanger for the wreath.

Pretty cute, right?

When I proudly showed the final product to Dave he asked if that is what I spent my whole Sunday morning doing.  Typical man response!   I don’t think he is a crafty sort of person.  Now I can start surfing Pinterest again to find my next project.


2 Responses to “Feb Project- Heart Wreath”

  1. cassie Says:

    Wow, thanks for the cute idea! The kids I nanny for and I headed to hobby lobby this morning when it opened and have spent the majority of our morning making this along with cards for their parents. Their mother, whose house is usually dect’d out with holiday decor, doesn’t have a single valentines day thing up. I am greaty disappointed as it’s my favorite holiday and have recruited her children to change that with these wreaths all thank to you!

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