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The Snowbird Life February 8, 2012

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One day I want to be like my parents. They have the retired life nailed down. Summers are spent at our lake house, between seasons they are enjoying the suburbs of Chicago, and the winters are passed in sunny Florida.  Luckily for my friends and I, we can take advantage of their luxurious lifestyle.

My new boyfriend

This past weekend I cashed in on my connection for two in Fort Myers, Florida. Matt and I booked our flights in November when Southwest was having a special promotion and secured round trip flights for around $200 each.  Apparently, it pays to book early. Folks looking at flights around the same time were paying almost double. Crazy!

Our four-day, three night stay was nice and relaxing. We enjoyed a few meals with my parents, went out exploring the area on land and by boat. One of first stops was to a manatee park. We walked along the path and only caught a few glimpses of the sea cow but had lots of fun taking a few photos.

Where's Matt?

My favorite activity that we did was by kayak. Last year Jill and I found Kayak Excursions. They have a variety of rental options and guided tours. They also offer drop off and pick up of rentals for full and half days.  So I called up Stefan and booked a full day kayak rental at an excellent price of $65.  Matt and I went out a few times and I’d say we probably covered almost seven miles. We might even have floated over a few manatees!

On land we checked out the Edison and Ford winter estate, which is a wealth of information. There are a ton of fun facts that you can learn about the two families. In fact, did you know that the Edison’s and Ford’s made recreational camping popular?

We also strolled along Fort Myers beach. We walked up one of the main piers and even witnessed a local fisherman catch a stingray. Not exactly what I would call dinner.  We walked back towards the beach and grabbed a table at the Pierside Grill to enjoy live music, sun, fruity drinks and seafood appetizers.

I love long weekend vacations, especially in sunny warm places in the winter!  Although, I think next year I’m going to have to add on another day. Four days were simply not enough to get a good base tan!


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