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Think Pink February 14, 2012

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So I wrote a whole whiney post about sale-zy-ness and how it annoys me. I decided that griping wasn’t really going to make me feel better and it might end up making more people bummed too. So instead, in honor of Valentine’s day I am going to pick some pretty pink pictures from Pinterest and post them. Hope you Enjoy:

My sister just made a scarf like this {but in green} on her new sewing machine. She did an amazing job, looks like she bought it and it’s only her first project! Maybe she will teach me…hint hint!

Jayma Mays/Emma is one of my favorite characters on Glee {which I think is improving by the way…loved Kurt’s speech to Finn in the weight room last week} and this dress is absolutely stunning on her! I knew I loved Emma’s style, but looks like Jayma’s is great too.

I started collecting tea cups last year and I have 4 in my collection. No Pink though! I must remedy that right away! I am very picky though. It’s not just about the color for me it’s the design of the cup.

I made it to the gym today {yay me} and saw a girl in the locker room with these on. I loved them, although hers were a bit darker grey and the pink was neon. I can’t seem to find those specific ones online. They were very sharp though. I found another reason why going to the gym is more expensive…coveting other girls workout wear. Who knew?!

That reminds me I need to start packing for my train trip. Anyone have a good book recommendation for the ride? I am going to take my Kindle and would like to load something new on there to entertain me. Better get going!


3 Responses to “Think Pink”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    Some book suggestions:

    ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue: about a 5 year old boy who has lived with his mother in one room his entire life and has never been outside. An easy read but an enthralling one at that! I stayed up way past my bedtime many nights to keep on reading!

    Everyone is done with the ‘Harry Potter’ & ‘The Hunger Games’ series by now. They next big thing is the Song of Ice & Fire series (5 books at this point) by George R.R. Martin. The first book is called ‘A Game of Thrones’. You may have caught the show on HBO (second season starts April 1st)? It’s set in in the medieval times, but is not quite the one we learned about in history books. 🙂


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