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St. Louie & Sweet Home Chicago February 21, 2012

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This past weekend was the weekend I took the Amtrak train down to St. Louis.  It took us just about 5 hours to get there, which was faster than the 5.5 that we were scheduled for.  My friend and I LOVED the fact that we didn’t have to rush home from work and drive down South.  Traveling by train let us do all the work up front:

Get to Union station on time

Find the kiosk to print our tickets

…grab some food, and claim a good spot on the train.  Then we were able to relax for the rest of the time.  Whereas driving would be 5 hours of concentrating on the road, navigating where to go…not to mention having to make stops for food and bathroom breaks. Our dear friend picked us up and we spent the rest of the weekend helping her out with wedding planning.  It was good insight into what planning a wedding is like.  Some of it was fun, like picking out items for a candy bar, but even then you worry about making the right decisions.  Making decisions can be hard, but we found once you make a decision it’s easiest when you stick with it and try to complete it right away.  We helped with the table assignment design {you know when you walk into the reception and need to know where to sit?} as well as the table numbers.  It was fun for me to get to help and my friend was extremely happy to get a couple items checked off her to-do list.  I didn’t get to see much of St. Louie, but I will have plenty of time for that when I go for the actual wedding! We took a very early train home and got back to Chicago {after a bit of a delay and longer ride-6 hrs this time} around 1pm.  It was nice to get home with enough time to unpack and get some chores done before the week began.  Is anyone else weird about Sundays?  I normally hate to schedule anything on Sundays because I feel I need to prepare for Monday.  Not really sure why? I actually had plans at night to go to a restaurant downtown called Sepiawith two other couples.

Unique Front Door to Sepia

Our friends Tom and Kim set up reservations for all of us {Karla, Matt, Dave, and I} to go.  Right now it’s Chicago Restaurant Week.  For those unfamiliar, it’s a week that restaurants set a prix fix {or preset} menu for a discounted price.  For example, Sepia’s least expensive entrée usually costs $29.00.  But during this special week you pay $33 a person for three courses.  Here were our choices:

~Three Courses ~


duck sugo, grana padano



blood orange and baby arugula


dill, apple, buttermilk or


sauerkraut, potatoes, mustard jus


chocolate cake, meringue, almonds or



coconut cake, dried fruit chutney

chef andrew Zimmerman & pastry chef cindy schuman

I marked the choices I made in green.  Though I got to try most everything on the menu with 6 people at the table.  The food at Sepia is all organic, locally grown, or sustainable.  I felt very happy to support a restaurant like that.  I also really liked the actual restaurant space.  It’s an old printing mill that was converted to a restaurant.  I could tell that they put a lot of thought into each detail inside.

I loved the floor for some reason

And the vibe was very warm while being hip at the same time.  The drinks were delicious too and it was great to experience a fancy restaurant that I might not otherwise be able to afford.  Dave liked it so much he said he would like to go to one restaurant per day during next year’s restaurant week.  I like the ambition!


3 Responses to “St. Louie & Sweet Home Chicago”

  1. Pam Says:

    Next time you’re going to st. Louis I can tell you about a wonderful restaurant right downtown. They have this appetizer that is yummy. Chips with blue cheese dressing. May sound awful but it’s incredibly addicting. Also, best garlic cheese bread ever!

  2. […] able to afford.  I’m very glad Tom & Kim arrange it for us every year {last year we went to Sepia} and can’t wait to see where we end up going in […]

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