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Fight Against Migraines February 28, 2012

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I feel awful.  I shouldn’t try to write when I feel this way, but I promised myself I wouldn’t miss a post so here I am.  Maybe that whole fake it til you make it stuff really works, who knows?

I have a migraine going on.  Surprise Surprise!  I feel like I have one every other week.  I started mapping my headaches in January.  Pretty much that just means I make a note on the calendar when I get one.  I try to include anything I think might have started the headache.  For instance today the temperature jumped up and there is rain on the horizon…hold on I take it back.  It is raining right now.  I also note if I ate anything strange and if I’m on my period or not.  I’m trying to cover all the bases for headache causes and I’m starting to think hormones are a major trigger for me.

Two months isn’t really enough information to solve the mystery, but I’m amazed at myself  for finally getting it all on paper.  I am sick and tired of losing days of my life to headaches.  When I get this way I feel like nothing in my life will ever be good again.  Luckily I’ve been through enough of them that I know I will come out on the other side feeling like a new person.  Alright that’s all I have tonight. Wish me luck on getting rid of this thing!


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