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Warby Parker Experiment March 6, 2012

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My sister found this website.  She told me about it and now I’m telling you.  They make glasses {the kind that belong on your face that help you see}.  To be more specific, they make vintage inspired glasses frames with lenses for a low cost.  Every frame with a prescription under +-4.00 costs $95.00.  That’s it!  I was amazed by this as most glasses {even the lame ugly ones} have lenses that start at $100.  And if your prescription is higher, you only pay an additional $30.  I went to their website after my sister told me about them and I became even more amazed.  Three reasons for this.

#1- Try On at Home Program

#2- Buy a Pair Give a Pair

#3- Carbon Neutral

The first reason I loved them and what seemed to catch my sister’s eye was the fact that you can choose 5 frames to be sent to your house to try on at home.  To top it off, they send these frames at no cost {only a $1 authorization hold for your credit card} and you can keep and consider them for up to 5 days.  Once you are ready or it’s been 5 days you use the sticker in the box to send it back to them {again at no cost to you}.  <—-Can you tell I love that part?  This way you can take advantage of the low cost stylish frames and not have to pay an extra charge for not being able to go into a show room.

My Frames are here!

There are my 5 frames

Number two reason Warby Parker is awesome =‘Buy a Pair Give a Pair.’  They explain it very well on their website, but pretty much it is what it sounds like.  WP gives back to the community so that people who wouldn’t be able to afford glasses are able to.  Can’t argue with that!

The other thing I learned about them {that I thought should be more celebrated on their website} was the fact that their business is carbon neutral.  There are not many businesses or people for that matter that can say that!  It made me like them more because they were so nonchalant about it.  I liked that they weren’t using it at a ‘look at us!’ tool, it was more of a ‘we should be doing this anyway’ sort of thing.

Okay so now that I have my frames, I’d like some help deciding which one to choose.  Below you will find a picture of me in each of the five frames I ordered for my At Home Try-on.  It is clear that some of these frames were not meant for me, but I didn’t figure that out until I tried them on. It just proves this program is awesome and useful.  If you wouldn’t mind leaving your opinion in the comments it would really help me to make a decision.  Oh and please don’t mind my messy hair and un-makeuped face.  I am so excited to find out your opinion I didn’t want to wait any longer.  Gotta let go of looking good sometimes.  Here they are:

Finn Frame in Revolver Black

Fitz Frame in Whiskey Tortoise

Zagg Frame in Revolver Black Matte

Langston Whiskey frame in Tortoise Matte

Nedwin frame in Summer Green

*Warby Parker did not ask me to write this post and is in no way compensating me.  It’s just my honest opinion!


6 Responses to “Warby Parker Experiment”

  1. Frank Warby Says:

    The Fitz Frame looks fabulous! & in my favorite shade – whiskey tortoise nonetheless!

  2. Katie Rose Says:

    I vote for either the Fritz or Nedwin! I think the thin frames work better with your face 🙂 Good luck choosing!

  3. Karen Bonse Says:

    I like the green ones and if I had to make a second choice it would be the tortoise matte ones. You look better in the lighter colors. Great idea,

  4. Dad Says:

    I vote for the Green ones

  5. Uncharted Says:

    Thanks for the opinions everyone. In the end I am going with the Fitz. I really wanted something different than what I’ve had before and I think that is the one. Now I just need to go to my eye appointment and get my latest prescription!

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