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How I Celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day March 21, 2012

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Broken down by hour increments:

8AM – 9AM

  • Shower & get dressed
  • Woke up Jill – don’t worry it’s not as scary as it seems
  • Made breakfast: coffee, orange juice, cheesy green eggs (it’s amazing what you can do with food coloring) and bacon.

9AM – 10 AM

  • Took the El train to the city – gotta love public transportation!
  • Walked to Clark and Wabash to watch the river turn green – was amazed that last year at this very time we wore our winter coats and sweaters compared to this year’s flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts!
  • Listened to bag pipes – whoever thought to stick bagpipers on a boat was genius.
  • Took lots of pictures – you have to capture the moment and be amazed by the hundreds of people dressed in green, white and orange.

10 AM – 11AM

  • Met up with old college roommate at the Elephant and Castle – it’s pretty amazing that after a simple Facebook post, an immediate text would follow asking if you were downtown.
  • Walked up to Hard Rock Café – it’s now a tradition. You can’t go wrong (see next two bullets for convincing purposes).

11AM – 1PM

  • Enjoyed a green beer – a requirement on Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Danced and sung along to the Hat Guys – from Pink to Dave Mathews Band to Tom Petty, these guys can pump up any crowd in an outdoor beer garden.
  • Got Jill a Lucky Charms rice crispy treat – it’s what good friends do.

1PM – 3:00PM

  • Went to Gino’s East Pizza for a late lunch – again, it’s what good friends do.
  • Walked back to the El  – the end to an excellent Saint Patrick’s Day downtown.

All in all an excellent way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s not often that in Chicago you can enjoy in a green beer in March in 80-degree weather so you had better take advantage of it!


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