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Owl Themed Baby Shower March 27, 2012

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This past weekend Karla and I held a baby shower for our dear friends Tom & Kim. I mentioned it in last week’s post and told you I would show you all the fun stuff we created for the day. So here we are! The theme we chose for the party was owls. It was easy to choose because the new baby’s room will be decorated with owls. Tomorrow Karla is going to tell you how we did all of our planning to make the big day happen, but today I am going to talk about all the different ways we brought out the owl theme into the party.

The first place we were able to add to the theme was on the invitations. Because we already know the baby is a girl {yay!} we knew we wanted to incorporate pink, but we didn’t want it to be overwhelming. So we added a chocolate brown and an apple green to the mix. I already had an owl stamp so all we needed was some paper. {I think adding the hand stamp really makes the invitation more personal. Karla even had the inspired idea to stamp the envelopes too}.

When we went to the craft store to pick up the paper for the invites, Karla spotted an adorable owl patterned fabric. We already knew we wanted to make a diaper cake and decided it would be the perfect accessory to add. I read some advice online about how to construct a diaper cake and learned that it’s best to use size 1 diapers- apparently baby’s don’t stay in newborn diapers very long and it’s nice for the parents to have the next size at home already. The advice I read called for an anchor for the diapers so that they can stay in place. The first website I found, suggested a paper towel roll. I ended up going another route…

That’s right...Champagne!

I can’t take the credit though. The second site I went to, Alphamom taught me that tidbit and I couldn’t get over what a fun surprise that would be for the parents. I chose the actual diaper technique from Lollypop Diaper Cakes and wrapped the diapers around the bottle. Then had Karla help me tie a piece of yarn around the whole thing to keep it in place.

I kept building layers of diapers

After all the diapers were in place {I used 50 in all}, I took the cute owl fabric, cut it into three strips and wrapped it around each layer and tucked it in so it was molded to each layer. I used safety pins to make sure the fabric would stay in place and created yarn flowers to add some decoration and finish off the cake. What do you think?

Ta Da!

Another way we incorporated the owl theme into the party was through dessert. Tom & Kim LOVE cupcakes. Many a time they have called Karla and I and asked if we want to run downtown to get cupcakes. We knew right away that we would need to do cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. I knew I had seen an owl cupcake before so I hopped on Pinterest and searched for an owl cupcake we could create ourselves.

I think these are unbelievable cute {if I don’t say so myself} and believe it or not they are super simple to create! The idea is originally from One Charming Party. All you do is make a chocolate cupcake, ice it with chocolate frosting then add two Oreos for eyes, 2 brown Reese Pieces for the beady part of the eyes, and an orange one for the beak.

The favors were also a find on Pinterest. I just have to mention how badly I hate lame favors that everyone takes home and throws away. Karla was probably annoyed with how judgmental I was of all the favors out there. But there was one that caught both of our eyes right away!

Barefoot Wine! Aren’t the footprints perfect?

We purposely picked one of the Barefoot wine’s that came in a pink color since we know the baby is a girl. Then Karla brought up the idea of cute little tags to make them more personal. We found a punch we liked along with some ribbon and used the same owl stamp from the invitations to tie the theme in. On the other side of the tags we added the phrase ‘Woo Hoo’! This incorporates our excitement for the little one as well as the owl theme yet again!

Punch Punch and more Punching

Stamped Tags

That brings me to the end of our owl themed extravaganza. As I mentioned earlier, Karla will be sharing some more party details tomorrow so make sure to tune in!


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