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Party Planning March 29, 2012

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A good party goes off without a hitch due to thoughtful planning. A multitude of details need to be considered and addressed accordingly. You have to think about guests, menus, invitations, favors, and games or activities. None of which can be pulled together on a whim unless you’re a professional event planner with 20+ years of experience.

I’d like to think though that over the years, Kelly and I have thrown some stellar parties. And the key to our success has been with the planning. We’ve hosted birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and most recently a baby shower for our friends Tom and Kim.

Hosting a baby shower was new territory for Kelly and I. Both of us have been invited to a few over the years but never have either of us had to host one. Regardless, we had a great time putting together Tom and Kim’s. As soon as I found out Kim was pregnant I asked if we could host a shower for them. Naturally they said yes, and after this weekend, I’m pretty sure they’re really glad they did.

Immediately Kelly and I got to work with a Google spreadsheet document. Google docs are a wonderful way to keep information up to date and have the ability to have multiple editors updating simultaneously. We started by creating different tabs of what we would need: a guest list with names and addresses, invitation ideas, menu, utensils, decoration ideas, games and activities and last but not least, a budget to keep us on track.

Kelly was amazing at finding different decorations and activities for us to do. We both scoured the internet and Pinterest for ideas. When we found something we liked we added it to the Google spreadsheet. As the time got closer to the actual date, we kept on reviewing what we needed to get done and kept each other accountable.

One item that helped immensely was getting everything set up as much as possible the day before. Kelly and I both cooked and got prep work done on Saturday for the brunch on Sunday. We also moved chairs and tables around the night before. That created a nice buffer of time to let us deal with last minute items on Sunday.

And I must say, we threw one darn good party. Folks enjoyed the food, activities and talking with one another. And maybe the champagne helped just a little. But I think it was mostly due to the incredible tag team of Karla and Kelly. Check out a few photos below from the party!


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