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‘I’m Here to Learn’ April 3, 2012

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Those were Dave’s words as we entered the Museum of Science and Industry this weekend.   I laughed at him, but that’s just what we ended up doing.  I originally thought of the idea as a surprise for Dave.  I love surprises so I thought I’d plan one for him.  I ended up having to tell him on Saturday night because he was so antsy and I knew he’d want some say in the final plan.  To my delight he was excited about my idea so we moved forward with a game plan for Sunday.  The new Mythbusters exhibit was what peaked my interest and made me want to go to the museum in the first place.  I had heard about it and it sounded intriguing.  So off we went to the museum!

You have to have a timed ticket to enter the Mythbuster’s exhibit and our time was 12:30pm.  So we headed to the Science Storms exhibit which was right across the hall from the Mythbusters.  This is when I got really excited.  Just look at how inviting and awesome this section looks:

 We didn’t know where to go first.  We saw a huge disk full of sand that was mimicking avalanches, we helped create a tornado/vortex that went from the floor all the way to the ceiling (!), we launched hot air balloons, made rainbows, and saw lightening (yes inside!).   I think we spent the most time in this exhibit because there was just so much hands on stuff.  My favorite thing was this:

I’m not sure what it was supposed to teach me, but I had a blast making the bouncy ball float in the air.  We ate a quick lunch in the Brain Foodcourt and headed over to start our Mythbusters adventure!  This was a fun space and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone so I won’t go into too much detail.  I just wanted to say that the exhibit is very hands on and reminded me that it’s fun to learn by doing instead of always reading about something.  Just a few things we got to experiment with were: whipping a tablecloth off a set table (I only knocked 2 items over!), driving blind, hanging off a ledge, and dodging a bullet.  Yep, that’s what I said!  Just one quick picture of that:

After Mythbusters we wanted to see what else the museum had to offer.  There is an exhibit I’ve never seen before called:

This was another one I really liked because it teaches you about humans.  I got to see my heart beat on a huge heart on the wall, and test the calmness of my mind by playing Mindball against Dave.  You put a little strap on your head and sit down at a table with a ball in between you.  Then you try your best to calm your mind.  Whoever is calmest moves the ball away from them and if they continue they will win!  Here is a shot of our Mindball game:

Those are my brainwaves on the left, and Dave (the winner) , calm as can be, on the right

Dave’s favorite area was called ‘Fast Forward… Inventing the Future.’  I must say it was pretty inspirational.  There were many different pioneers highlighted in the exhibit and they all are involved in things I could never dream up on my own.  Music from a table, farming in a high-rise building…much much more, but you can go see it yourself.  I will show you the quote on the wall when you walk out.  It made me think twice:

We also had a lot of fun seeing the classic Museum of Science and Industry exhibits.  Colleen Moore’s Fairycastle is always a favorite of mine as well as the Farm Tech exhibit.  Here you can see me enjoying the farming area in this lovely John Deere tractor:

And what would a trip to the museum be without a plastic mold to take home?


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