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Say Cheese for Cheesecake! April 11, 2012

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Last year for Christmas Jill gave me three spring form pans to make cheesecake. Ever since I’ve been collecting delectable recipes, hoping one day to try them out. There are so many versions of cheesecake: New York, Turtle, Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl, Mocha and the list just keeps going and going. I always forget how many possibilities there are to cheesecake!

But I had to start with the original. Thanks to my good friend, Allrecipes.com, I found an excellent New York style cheesecake to make for Easter.

Thanks to Kelly’s voice in my head about remembering to take photos for the blog, I actually have some photos to show complementing each step.

I went to Trader Joe’s on Saturday morning to pick up my ingredients. The list was nice and simple.

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cream cheese
  • Graham crackers
  • Sour cream (already had)
  • Butter (always well stocked in the freezer)
  • Flour (already had)
  • Vanilla extract (wouldn’t use anything but Penzey’s!)

To start, it’s all about the crust. I ground up the graham crackers in our food processor to get them nice and fine. Then I added my melted butter, mixed and pressed the concoction into the pan firmly.

Next step was getting the filling together. I read a few recommendations on how to mix the ingredients. One key trick is not to “overbeat” the mixture. To help, I kept my faithful Kitchen Aid on low and got to work creaming the cream cheese, eggs, sour cream and milk together. Once it reached the proper texture I added the vanilla and flour.  I slowly poured the filling into my pan and let the baking time do its magic.

I might have sneaked one or two licks from the bowl in. I mean, I had to make sure it tasted ok before I put it in the oven. After one spoonful I was a little excited about the prospects, and yes, I had another spoonful.

One hour later this little tasty treat was ready for me! Well almost ready. I had to let it sit in the oven (that was turned off) for about three hours to help prevent cracking. Then it went to the refrigerator for its final setting over night.

The results on Sunday were unanimous.  The cheesecake hit the spot.


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