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Alive & Well April 24, 2012

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Alive and Well?  This is what Karla and I always text each other if we haven’t heard from the other in a while and we want to check on each other.  I know I mentioned updating the blog earlier than today to let you all know I was okay, but time got away from me and here we are already back at Tuesday!  As you can tell I am alive and made it through my surgery.

Surgery is weird.  Not sure if you’ve ever been through it.  I just think it’s very strange to take a nap, wake up and have everything taken care of (well minus recovery).  I didn’t have to feel any of it!

My dad took me to a surgery center the day of the surgery and we had to prove who I was and sign a bunch of stuff.  Soon after that they took me into the back, weighed me, made me pee in a cup, then asked me lots of questions and put my IV in (took two tries, but they got it!).  They had me put on this special hospital gown that hooks up to an air hose.  Then they give you a control that controls the temperature for the air and it flows into your gown!  I thought that was pretty cool.  My dad got to come in after that and sit with me.  The doctor and his almost doctor assistant came and talked to us and drew on my foot so they would know which one to operate on (reassuring!).

Before I knew it they were wheeling me into the operating room and asking me to scoot myself over to the operating table.  They were jamming out in there so I asked them if that was how they get pumped up for surgery.  Next thing I knew the whole room swirled and I told them I felt dizzy.  They said that’s okay don’t worry!  I don’t remember a thing after that.

I woke up in the recovery room and I was extremely lucky to have no nausea from the anesthesia (not so much for the guy who threw up for 30 minutes next to me).  I only felt dizzy and after I laid there for a bit longer that went away too.  I’ve been home with my grandparents ever since and they’ve taken great care of me.  I keep the foot elevated, iced every hour, and stayed well medicated.  Actually I took the strong stuff for about 3 days and now am just taking the anti-inflammatory stuff every 12 hours.  I have to say that knee walker has been a god send and really makes it easy to get around the house.  My biggest accomplishments so far have been taking daily showers (seriously such hard work) and going out to a restaurant last night.  Thursday is my first doctor’s appointment so hopefully I’ll hear good things!

It hasn’t been too bad really.  I got presents from people (Thanks Lei, Chris, Mark & Judi!), not to mention lots of visitors, texts, and phone calls wishing me well.  Really makes me feel loved, thanks everyone!

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