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Celebrate More Birthdays May 2, 2012

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Relay for Life crept up on me this year. In the past years, I’ve volunteered leading small groups of students in the planning and preparation for the event. However this year, we had a ridiculously on-task group of college students my assistance wasn’t needed. Still wanting to play a part in the event,  I kept it simple and joined a team comprised of faculty and staff and volunteered on the day of Relay. I even corralled my friends Holly and Kevin to help for a few hours. (They did a great job!)

From noon-6PM Holly, Kevin, Matt and I assisted in the concession stand area. It was a blast. Together with members of our faculty and staff team, we did a great job preparing the food, organizing it and getting into a flow of following up on food orders. We kept our cool the whole time…even when the grill started to go on the fritz. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know and work side by side with faculty members that I hadn’t had the pleasure to meet before the event.

Probably the most exciting part from working in the concession stand was realizing I have a future in cotton candy making. It might prove to be a good retirement option as well. But for now, I’ll just add it to one of my LinkedIn “skills”.

The other part I most enjoy about Relay was seeing a community of faculty, students, staff, local neighbors and families come together to support cancer research. It is truly a moving sight to witness the hugs and tears of sadness in remembrance of those we have lost but also tears of joy for the survivors who have beaten the disease. I’m proud to report that the event exceeded the fundraising goal of $25,000. Who know’s what next year will bring, hopefully more of the same good stuff!


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