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May’s Project- Tiered Planter May 8, 2012

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I’m ahead of the game this month!  Not even a full week of May went by and already my project for May is complete!  I did have help though…my sister and I did this one together.  We were discussing what to do for my Grammie’s birthday and immediately a project I saw on Pinterest popped in my head.  Anyone one else seen this cute set of tiered pots?

I clicked the picture and found this adorable blog called Positively Splendid by Amy {click the picture above to get to her blog}.  Or here is a link to her original tutorial for tiered pots.  I sent it to my sister and she approved right away.  We changed it up a little by doing two tiers instead of three.  The decision was made because we knew three tiers would be pretty heavy for an 81 year old lady when the time came to clean out the pots and store them for the cold months.  We also decided to use an upside down pot to hold the second tier up rather than the suggested bricks and soda cans.  Seems that both ways work so take your pick!

Here are the items you’ll need for the project {Minus the dirt- we forgot about it for the photo}:

Base Pot– We cheated a bit by buying an already painted/designed pot
2 Terra-Cotta Pots Buy two that are the same size as each other, but smaller than the base pot
Glue Gun & Glue sticks
Painters Tape
Acrylic Paint & Glaze
Sponge Paint Brush

1.  First step was to glue the two terra-cotta pots together bottom to bottom {make sure the drainage holes line up with each other so the top pot won’t be waterlogged every time it’s watered}.  We used hot glue, but you could probably use a multitude of adhesives.  We let it set for a little bit and then added more glue around the seam of the two pots so it was more secure.

2.  Since one of the pots will sit in the dirt we picked the best looking one to sit above the dirt.  We then put some painters tape under the rim of the top pot and painted a cream color on the rim to match the bottom pot {Our grandma is a classic sort of lady so we didn’t go too crazy with any designs.  You could really paint whatever you’d like to fit your personality}.

Katie Painting

3.  Once it was dry we added a layer of glaze to protect the paint from chipping and to create shine to match the base pot.

4. We then placed the stack of pots inside the base pot.

5.  Now is the messy part!  Since we were inside {it was rainy outside} we scooped dirt using a big spoon into the top pot and then removed the flowers we purchased from their containers and planted them.  We did the same for the bottom tier.

There’s the Dirt and the Final Product!

We both loved this project so much we were talking about creating one for ourselves.  I think I would add more color to mine, but this was perfect for my Grammie…very classic.  If I do one for myself I’ll share it with you all.  Happy Planting!


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