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A New Perspective May 15, 2012

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Big disappointment last week—doctor told me that although he had just put a walking cast on my foot, no I can’t walk yet. What? Yeah that’s what I was thinking. I threw a huge tantrum…not in a little kid stomping and screaming kind of way, but in a fine-I-don’t-care-about-anything-now kind of way. I wore my comfy clothes to work later that day (I have never in the history of working worn anything but business casual Mon-Thurs and jeans Friday), I opted for my crutches all day instead of the easier knee scooter , and I cried on the phone to my dad (it’s been awhile). I clearly don’t do well with surprises, at least not the bad ones. It wasn’t until after I cried to my dad about it and he asked me ‘What did the doctor say about your actual foot?’ that I realized I should be grateful that it is healing well and stop acting like a baby. It made me remember a quote I had saved a long time ago and went searching for it. Found it:

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ~Wayne Dyer

So I’m trying to look at my temporary loss of walking in a different light. I can still do most everything the same, but it’s caused me to slow down and maybe that is the lesson here.


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