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Lots and Lots of Furniture May 16, 2012

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Furniture is probably a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s hard to say no when it’s in amazing condition or has awesome potential. (Unless of course you are Kelly or Matt, who are both very good at telling me no to any new furniture.) But I recently got my way in obtaining some new dining room furniture that benefited multiple people – how can you not say “yes” to a situation like that?!?

My friend Lei and her mom have been uber gracious about giving Kelly and I furniture for our apartment over the last year that is fabulous, at the ridiculous price of free. All of the pieces are made from solid wood materials and beautiful fabric from Crate and Barrel. None of the pieces we have received have needed any major touch-ups or refinishing.

To date, we have received four new chairs for our kitchen and an adorable small white hutch for our living room. Not long ago, Lei asked if I was interested in a dining room table, six chairs and a hutch. Not being one to pass an opportunity up I went over to check out the goods. The table, chairs and hutch matched my current sideboard and china cabinet perfectly. Don’t you think? And as you can see, Stella loves the new carpet in the living room!

New dining room table

New hutch

Also while I was over there, Lei and her mom said I could take a carpet and additional dresser if I wanted in addition. So naturally I totally took them up on their offer. The new carpet went in the living room and is a great addition. It’s a little more modern than what Kelly and I gravitate to, but it’s definitely growing on me. Plus it’s amazingly cushy and comfortable.

Wondering what happened to the old dining room items and dresser? All donated to Matt’s new house. He totally made out like a bandit.  Again, one helpful reason why he didn’t say no to the furniture :).

Now, with the dining room all set I’m off to actual furniture projects that do need work! I’m proud to write that I have a quick project update regarding Kelly’s new desk.  Last week I started working on it so I could hopefully surprise her when she comes back after recuperating from her surgery. But my cover was blown this Saturday when she stopped by to pick up a few items from the apartment. She still looked impressed by my cleaning, sanding and first few coats of paint. Three coats later I’m looking like I’ll still need another two. Here is the progress so far:

Desk drawers

3 coats of paint later…

Stay tuned more updates on the desk to come!


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