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Crutchin’ & Scootin’ Around Chicago May 24, 2012

Sorry I was MIA on Tuesday.  I was on day two of a three day migraine so I was in no shape to be writing.  I couldn’t bear to look at a computer screen!  In brighter news I went to my 5 week foot doctor appointment and was told I can now walk in the walking boot!  {If this makes too much sense to you please read my post from last week about how I was given a walking boot but not allowed to walk in it}.  I was very excited because I have my friends Allie and Tim’s wedding this Sunday and I was hoping I wouldn’t need to bring crutches or my knee scooter along for the event.  Speaking of dragging these items along I had two awesome events last week and managed to get around using the crutches at one and the knee scooter at the other.  I was glad I was able to attend and it made for some awesome comments from others!

#1- Beer Under the Glass

This is one of the kickoff events for Chicago Craft Beer Week and is held at the Garfield Conservatory.  Dave bought tickets a long time ago…he was excited for the beer and I was excited for the conservatory.  When I was little, my parents would bring me and my sister to the conservatory in the winter and my dad would say, ‘Now you can pretend we’re in Florida.’   It had been quite a few years since I had been there and I was excited to go back…seems like nothing has changed!  And since it’s almost summer and not winter we got to go outside:

Outside the Conservatory

The place was set up with different craft beers all over the place and different samples of food.  Another couple met up with us there and we had a lot of fun exploring together.  I got a few funny comments when people saw me with crutches like, ‘Wow you must really like beer!’ But in the end everyone was very nice and let me have the right of way on the tiny paths.  Dave was worried I’d complain, but I made it through the night with no problem:

This is Dave’s I don’t wanna take this photo face

#2 – Campfire Ball

This is a charity event for Children’s Oncology Services and One Step Camp.  It’s a really near and dear event a bunch of us try to attend every year that raises money so that children with cancer can go to summer camp.  According to their website, ‘Children’s Oncology Services, Inc. (COSI) believes that a diagnosis of cancer should not prevent a child from experiencing the simple joys of childhood.’ That last part there is why I choose to attend this event.  A close friend who has been through cancer as a child told us about the event 4 years ago and we’ve gone every year since.  Every year there are more and more people there and it’s really great to see such a great cause being supported.  This year the event was held at Venue One in Chicago and was campfire themed as it always is.  When you first walk in they hand you a jar of bug juice:

The lighting is all pink, red, and orange to set the mood, boxes of matches serve as favors, and they even have a s’mores making station near the end of the night!  Since I couldn’t walk this year and my hands were sore from just using the crutches two nights before for the beer event, I decided I should bring my scooter to the ball:

At the Ball with my Scooter!

I was a little self conscious about having it, but it really made my night a whole lot easier and there were ramps everywhere that I could use so that worked out really well.  Other people even wanted to ride it around!  Little known fact… apparently older men dig scooters.  I had three separate men {who I think were over 40} approach me with some sort of question about the scooter or why I was on it.  It was pretty hilarious.  Let me just state for the record it really isn’t a good conversation if it starts with, ‘Achilles heel surgery…huh?’

Here is the cast of characters of the night:

Lei & Chris

Karla & Matt



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