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Spinach Skills May 29, 2012

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Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day!  I spent mine in St. Louis celebrating my good friend’s wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and really good to hang out with some of my college friends.  {Can’t believe we could have gone to college twice by now} Look at the awesome view from our hotel window: 

I was impressed!

I’m getting really excited because our CSA is starting next week.  I’ve already been thinking about all the new dishes I can make.  I’m not really sure what to expect, but I know there will probably be a lot of greens.  And besides salad I don’t make too many dishes with greens.  I need to get started learning!  The other day we were having a family dinner and I was in charge of pasta.  I wanted to make it fancy so I looked up a recipe and found one for a baked mostacholi with cheese and spinach.  Only problem was I never have cooked with spinach before.  I take that back.  Once I tried to make stuffed shells and the recipe called for frozen spinach.  I had such a hard time figuring out how to work with it I actually threw it out and finished the dish without it.

I really wanted to use spinach this time, but I did not want to use the frozen stuff.  So I bought a bag of fresh spinach and googled: ‘how to cook fresh spinach’.  {I love how whenever I google something it’s always there- it reassures me that I’m not the only one who needs help}  It turns out its super easy to do.  You just heat a pan on the stove and place a handful of leaves in there.  Immediately the leaves start wilting and then you can hear a sizzle.

Sizzling Spinach

When it wilted enough I dumped that batch into a strainer and then put a new handful into the pan.  I probably did that four times to use up the whole bag.  Once it is all wilted and in the strainer I used several paper towels to press the spinach down into the strainer and make sure all the extra moisture was out before I cut it up and used it in my dish.

Ta Da!- Fresh Spinach Mostacholi

Now I’m no longer scared of spinach! {that could sound really strange if you read it out of context}  Stay tuned to see what we get in the Produce box next week.  Maybe someone besides Google can give me pointers on how to use it all!


One Response to “Spinach Skills”

  1. Tammy Says:

    oh, I’m hungry and shouldn’t be looking at that photo! Our spinach is gone already this season but arugula is in right now.

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